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It’s still bass heaven out here, and I love it even more

Nowhere fishes well all the time, but when the bass fishing is good over here in Ireland then to me it’s about as fun as fishing gets. I have loved coming over here for many years now and the thrill never diminishes, but as cool as it is to catch a bunch of bass, what really floats my boat is moving around to different locations and catching on a few different techniques because of the changes in ground etc. I’ve said it before but it’s worth saying again - it wasn’t that long ago when I had no idea how varied and addictive this whole bass fishing thing could be, and if there is a bass heaven then to me that place is still Ireland………….

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So we’ve had some good fishing in some challenging conditions (flat calm and crystal clear so far), with one absolutely blinding session when we were casting at terns working over shoals of sandeels, and sometimes the bass were busting on the bait and it was all I could do control my shaking excitement and fish properly. I have a feeling that a number of bass anglers tend to target these new moon tides in September around here, but as per usual out here, there’s so much coastline that for the most part we are rarely seeing other anglers.

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Take yesterday for a classic example of how bass fishing is so much more than just whacking stuff out and winding it in. We start off working DoLive Sticks in really shallow, clear water, with big blue skies overhead. and within a few casts Steve’s into a fish. What did it for me was then casting right behind where I was wading and nailing a fish around 4lbs in even shallower water that could not have been more than 18’’ deep. I knew this sub-£120, new HTO 9’ Nebula lure rod was a cracker when I waggled it for the first time and then reviewed it here, but the more and more I fish with it using all kinds of techniques, the more it bangs home to me just how good this rod is. Seriously, it ain’t right how fast and precise it is. I’ve done my review and in theory I am done with this new HTO rod, but I am loving it that much I just want to keep fishing with it. Put a 6’’ DoLive Stick on the end of it and I can’t stop grinning, but then I will admit to an unhealthy obsession with these lures.

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Next mark and again we are looking for a bit of current mainly because of the still, bright conditions, and although we can see a bunch of terns working on sandeels, they are way out of casting range and it feels like it’s that bit too bright for good bass fishing. As that light starts to fade a bit though, the terns start moving closer and almost as if a switch was flicked we are smashing a stack of bass. For the most part we need to get our lures out as far as possible and it’s the 22g Savage Gear Sandeel doing the business (this 9’ HTO Nebula animalises those lures out there), but a few times we get bass boiling on the sandeels not that far out and I can whack a DoLive Stick at them and hook up. We got lucky and were in the right place at the right time and we had a blinder of a session.

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And then that comes to an end and we grab a quick bite to eat and head for a shallow, calm sandy beach in the dark and catch a few more bass on the white senkos and the smaller Spofford needlefish I blogged about the other day. Again, there’s nobody else around and we have the beach to ourselves. All nice and simple stuff, nothing remotely complicated about anything we were doing yesterday, but I just love that moving around and using slightly different techniques because of the locations. It’s a complete blast as ever out here and I love it more than ever. How could I not want to come bass fishing out here when within ten minutes of starting fishing after travelling for most of Friday this roughly 7lb bass jumps right on my white senko?

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