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It’s such a buzz trying somewhere new and catching (or seeing) a decent bass

I blame lure fishing for bass at night! Without a doubt it’s changing how I am looking at the areas I fish, and whilst photographically it might kill me, this whole casting lures out in the dark and getting hit when you can’t see is becoming more and more addictive - hence Mark and I taking a bit of a punt yesterday evening and heading a bit further afield to try a spot that has been on my mind for a while now. We have fished fairly near it a fair bit for bass, but never at night, and with the tides and conditions we had last night I reckoned this spot was worth a punt………..

OK, so for the first time we fished it I don’t know the best state of tide etc. to attack it, but I reckoned we could do worse than fish roughly when we have fished and caught bass at another spot not that far away. Last night we had HW at just before 7.30pm, it’s a pretty big tide, we’ve got clear skies with no moon, and for chucking these white senkos in the dark it seems to be pretty ideal - a gentle offshore breeze, calm with a small swell rolling in, and from having walked around this area before I know we are fishing over shallowish water with plenty of reefs and sand patches. With those clear skies it took a while for it to get properly dark last night, but things did feel pretty much spot on - bearing in mind of course that we’re not really sure how this spot might fish, and whether it might be worth persevering with it anyway.

Now it wasn’t exactly a session to set the world alight, but an hour or so into the ebb I connected with a solid fish not more than about twenty yards out that hit my white senko (with rattle) like a train. I do find with this style of lure fishing at night that you do sometimes get a few hits that seem to be more tentative plucks than outright grabs, and both Mark and I got a few of these last night, including a proper wallop for Mark that didn’t connect. You’re feeling pretty confident, but you need to actually see a fish landed to trust that the punt might convert into something more interesting. I landed the bass and we gave it around 6.5lbs - the barbless hook fell out once the fish hit the sand and I let the tension fall out of my mainline, so it was simply a case of picking up a very good conditioned fish and slipping it straight back in the sea. No photos, no measuring tape, fish safely back none the worse for wear, and a couple of rather happy anglers because a bit of a punt had actually gone and proved rather interesting.

We fished on for a while but landed no more bass, and to be honest I wanted to get back to catch the end of the Ryder Cup which we lost anyway! Sure, it would be great if a stack of big bass had crawled up our lines yesterday evening, but in reality I can’t ask for much more than one of us coming away with a decent fish from a spot we have never actually fished before - and therefore taken that bit of a punt. I love having plenty of fishing not far from my doorstep, but I thrive on looking around and taking a few gambles - what’s around the next corner? I don’t know how this spot might end up producing for us, indeed it’s hardly as if the one short session tells us a huge amount about the place anyway - but it’s catching or seeing that one nice bass that so boosts the confidence and makes you want to go back and start unravelling what this spot might throw up. Obsessing more and more about chucking lures around in the dark for bass……………….