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I’ve got X to spend on a rod and reel - what should I get?

I don’t know how many of you look at my Fishing Tackle pages that you can find via the links at the top of the page, so if you are unaware of this resource, it’s essentially an index page that links to a number of further website pages that detail all the various rods and reels and lures and other items of fishing related gear that I have either reviewed on here or have used or am using now for my lure fishing etc. When I moved my website over this Squarespace platform I did actually contemplate leaving that whole Fishing Tackle section behind because it was a fair amount of work to bring it over and then try my best to keep it up to date - but a lot of traffic on this website goes through these pages so I am guessing they might help a bunch of people out.

But I still get a bunch of messages and emails and what have you from anglers asking me what lure rods and reels they should buy. I have always worked on my own here and I will always try my best to reply to people - but I am also aware that some of the time I just can’t. I don’t like this but it’s the way it is and I can’t really see a way around it when all this blogging and fishing tackle related stuff is done on my own time, and aside from some of you kind souls kindly buying some of your fishing tackle through my affiliate links, that’s the only earning that any of this blogging directly does. 

I know how bloody confusing it can be when you want to buy a specialist lure fishing rod or reel especially, and whilst this blog is merely my thoughts and opinions and I am no more qualified to comment on fishing tackle than any of you reading this, the simple fact is that a lot of fishing tackle does pass through my hands and I like trying to translate my thoughts on it across to you lot. What works for me might not work as well for you and all that sort of stuff, but as simple and accessible as a lot of us like to think that lure fishing is, imagine for a second that you are thinking of getting into it and you have no prior knowledge of those words and terms and phrases we chuck around like confetti. 

So I created a very simple page for the Fishing Tackle section which I called “I’ve got X to spend on a rod and reel”, and it is quite simply what lure rods and reels I would personally recommend at different price points that you can buy actually buy here in the UK and not have to go importing from wherever. There are no rights and wrongs and I can’t and indeed won’t recommend gear that I haven’t actually fished with myself, but I would hope that this simple web page helps answer some of those messages and emails I get.

I would also always urge an angler who is looking for fishing tackle to buy to try and drop into either a more specialist lure fishing tackle shop or at least pick up the phone and ring these places. We are lucky enough to have physical shops like The Art of Fishing, Chesil Bait’n’Tackle and Lure Heaven here in the UK, plus a few very good lure fishing tackle websites as well, so there is actually access to a lot of buying information from some really knowledgeable and helpful people out there if you go looking.