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I’ve made a video about how I’m fishing with lures like the OSP DoLive Stick

There’s a high chance that what you see in this short video ain’t nothing remotely new to you, but I make no apologies for that - because in truth I remain convinced that a lot of anglers getting into lure fishing for bass especially are confused as hell about how to go about fishing with soft plastics such as the DoLive Stick. By no means do I mean to say via this video that this is THE way to fish with a lure like this, rather it’s one simple but pretty damn effective way to do it, and it’s how I have been fishing with this lure and catching bass……….

And it’s also an exercise on my part at shooting a bit of video with a specific goal in mind, and then trying to cut that footage together in a way that flows well and also shows what I am trying to get across in an easy to understand way. Sounds simple if you know all about this sort of stuff, but I don’t, and I am trying to teach myself a bit of it and see where it goes. I also got the GoPro out to try a bit of showing the DoLive Stick underwater as we work it, and it’s a big thanks to Mark for helping me out with it all. We also lucked out the other morning because it was absolutely stunning, and whilst this doesn’t actually help with showing how we’re fishing with these lures, I am a sucker for a decent drop of light as you know. I can’t help seeing the world of fishing as a stills photographer, but I am enjoying a bit of messing around with video on this new Fuji X-T2 mirrorless camera I’ve been shooting for a while now.

OK, so the video is based around the OSP DoLive Stick, but I’d fish other “twitchbait” style soft plastics such as the MegaBass Cattle Tongue, MegaBass DOT Crawler and even a senko like this. I don’t have a lifetime of experience at fishing for bass with lures, but neither do many of us who have fallen so hard for this style of fishing, and at least this simple video is a visual demonstration of something that I reckon a bunch of anglers could have a go at and benefit from.

Steve with a 9lb bass taken on a slowly straight-retrieved senko during the day

Steve with a 9lb bass taken on a slowly straight-retrieved senko during the day

Quite aside from this “working” such lures around though, I have also seen a lot of big bass caught over in Ireland especially by doing nothing more than winding a senko in at say a quarter of the speed at which we might retrieve the same lure at night, as per the video below. And yes, I know it’s meant to be that you wind lures slower at night than you do in the day, but with the fish I have seen caught and also caught myself, I would suggest that there are many different ways to skin the proverbial cat……………..