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I’ve put together a video on shore fishing for pollack and wrasse with the Fiiish Crazy Sandeel

Scorcese I still am not, but a lot of very early mornings are helping me get to grips with at least the basics of rudimentary video editing, and when I was going through a bunch of footage that I shot with our clients out in Ireland last month, I realised that I could put a short film together about shore fishing for pollack and wrasse with what I think is the most lethal pollack lure I have come across so far, the Fiiish Crazy Sandeel……………

As ever it seems with this rather clever lure, there seems to be a lot of confusion as to how you fish it, indeed I saw an angler complaining on Facebook the other day that it hadn’t worked at all for him when he was out bass fishing - and it came out in the mix that he’d been bumping it along the bottom in an estuary - which is categorically not how the Crazy Sandeel was designed to work (but the Black Minnow is). OK, so you could argue that the lack of information on how to successfully use it that is out there is at best lacking, but in reality it’s a very easy lure to fish with - get it moving! Don’t simply wind it in and expect it to do its thing - note how there is no paddletail on the lure to thump away on a simple straight retrieve. Nope, the crux to this lure is to rip it through the water at a speed which causes the whole body of the lure to literally “ripple”, just like a real sandeel does when it is swimming.

And bass fishing with this thing aside, I have been around enough pollack fishing from both shore and boat now to feel decidedly uncomfortable if I don’t have this lure with me to use, or at least to get our clients using because it can absolutely hammer pollack. Wrasse can smash them as well. As per this video, fish Le Crazy with a fastish sink and draw and nine times out of ten the fish will hit you on the drop, but watch closely in this video at time 0:48 and you will understand why my camera work suddenly went all shaky because I was trying not to wet myself! (sorry Andy) Joking aside, this is a very basic short film but I hope it might help a few anglers out, and if not, know that the first mark the lads are fishing at the start of the video is just about the most perfect pollack mark I have ever been lucky enough to visit - as per this other video below in fact. Have a good weekend, can’t wait for England v Argentina in the rugby, and well done Italy for turning over South Africa the other day!