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Jersey boys done good

Below is Trevor with one of the many bass he had today - the boy done good !! He fished his socks off, moving around all the time over some seriously tricky ground, making a real effort to keep putting his lure into "new" water time and time again. Trevor also got done by a bass he reckons was heavily into double figures - he has been using the same lure for all his bass so far, and it is a new one to me. Guess I had better get shopping !! The lure in question is a stunning looking shallow diving minnow type, silver in colour, called the Tackle House Feed Shallow, see here.

The weather turned out to be stunning today, with ideal sea conditions and fantastic water clarity - we were fishing a huge stretch of awesome looking ground that was lethal underfoot, but more than worth every single treacherous step on the mass of weed, boulders and deep gullies (you would have to go a long way to finding better looking bassing ground, stuff to dream about). Graham took one wrong step and went in over his head - of course we were deeply concerned and nobody laughed at all !! I meant to enquire how he was, but the first question out of my mouth was along the lines of "is my walkie-talkie ok ?" Stunning levels of sympathy..........

Below are a few photos from today - note a lot of red rods and red Tenryu t-shirts. These rods are off the scale they are so good for our bassing. I need to go and get my gear together now, ready for a dawn start tomorrow morning - guess where we are going back to ? Then I leave the guys tomorrow afternoon to get the ferry over to North Wales for a couple of days. I am so happy that this deserted corner of Ireland is giving up a few of its secrets to the Jersey boys - it is fishing well, but I have also seen it fish a whole lot better. Is it the best shore fishing area for bass there is ?

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