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Jungle rivers - how can freshwater fishing get any better ?

I am lucky enough to see all kinds of fishing all over the place through the course of my work, but today was a day that will remain in my head until the day I die. Sight fishing to huge golden dorado in crystal clear Bolivian jungle rivers is as good as it is ever going to get, and I can't really believe that I am seeing this stuff. Only a handful of people have ever seen, let alone fished where we did today, and the thing that really got to me was these this intimate little river looked more like a trout stream than somewhere where huge numbers of golden predators swim and feed on the mad numbers of bait fish.

Check out the size, clarity and terrain of this jungle river where Gordon has just sight fished to a huge golden dorado that then proceeded to charge down river with the guys in hot pursuit. My head is having trouble getting to grips with how good this fishing is. We should be fly fishing for trout in rivers like this, not dorado - seeing shoals of them swimming around is something else.

Gordon was somewhat ecstatic after he landed this huge 25lb plus golden dorado, as you can well imagine. Our guide saw the fish, and Gordon put the fly down in the right spot and stripped it back as the dorado charged. Kind of like GT fishing in a trout stream !! Mad, completely mad. We are a long, long way from any kind of civilisation here, but I guess you need to get away from man's influence to find insane fishing like this.

We also saw a huge number of pacu swimming around, with some looking like they were well over 30lbs. Gordon was smashed by a huge pacu in the blink of an eye, and there were countless follows that came to nothing. Since I am taking photos, I was sometimes looking for a big rock to stand on and get some decent angles, so often I can see the fish moving around and coming at the flies. For some reason these pacu were not really turned on properly today, but to see so many of them was incredible. We will get some, it's only a matter of time, and we are told that they make dorado look slow !!

We have two more fishing days at this other lodge we moved to yesterday - a little plane ride followed by a four hour plus boat ride up river. I thought we were in the middle of nowhere for the first few days !! We are truly there now. I am a long way from home out here, but it is an awesome trip. The people and the set ups are simply outstanding, indeed I can not talk highly enough of this Bolivian experience. I know it is not for everybody, but it is also only a matter of time before more Europeans turn on to golden dorado fishing. What we are doing out here is talked of as being the ultimate form of dorado fishing that anybody knows of so far, and I could not agree more with that. You know the people to contact to ask about this fishing. We walked miles and miles today over some properly brutal terrain, and it's seriously my kind of thing - we should be knackered, but how can I sleep with a day like this buzzing around my head ?

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