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Just got a really good feeling about this one.....

OK, so I will admit to being a little bit of a lure junkie these days, and from time to time I do look around for "new" lures that I reckon might work over the kinds of terrain that I tend to fish (because I haven't got enough already ??!!). It's fantastic that we are able to get hold of more and more really good modern Japanese bass lures here in the UK, but occasionally I come across something online which just jumps at me from the screen - like this MegaBass Lates lure you can see above. I am pretty sure that it's not yet available in the UK, but I just liked the look of it. And so I bought one. Because I just got a good feeling about it...............

Is the MegaBass Lates going to slay fish like I think it might ? Only time will tell, but the only way I was going to find out how it actually looked in the water was to take a punt and part with some cash. The lure is listed here as sold out at the moment, and when I bought it I could only get this one colour - but I hear that more are coming into stock sometime soon. I don't know why some lures just "jump", but perhaps for me it's a lot to do with thinking about the kinds of places I tend to chuck lures for bass (and a lot of it is over in Ireland for me) and then working on solving the various problems and puzzles that these kinds of places throw up. Yes, I suppose I am predisposed towards fishing a lot of rocky, shallow ground, and therefore I have to predisposed a lot of the time to look for lures that swim nice and shallow.

The MegaBass Lates is 120mm long and weighs 16.8g - it's a quiet lure and there is no internal weight transfer system. It casts well, but it will never cast as downright awesome as say the MegaBass Zonk 120 Gataride. The Lates swims shallow with your rod tip down, but you can get it up even shallower by getting your tip up. It's the intensity of the lure action that has got me convinced that this thing is going to nail fish - it essentially rolls like a regular, more narrow minnow, but if you slow right down on the retrieve then it really rocks and rolls from side to side like a narrow lure simply can not. I am assuming that the higher (deeper) body shape is why this happens, but then the trade off it a slight loss in casting ability when compared to a more regular narrow profile minnow. How many awesome hard and soft lures do the mighty MegaBass make ? Just a phenomenal company, and I don't even know anything about their highly revered rods and reels.

I had never even heard of this MegaBass Lates before I stumbled upon it online, and so far I have not heard of any reports about its use for (sea) bass fishing - but we all go on a hunch from time to time, and this one just fits my eye. I can't quite explain it, but it seems that the main part of the lure colouration runs inside the body if that makes sense, and the intense rolling literally brings this unique factor to life. Either I have made a mistake here and the lure has caught me far more than any bass out there, or my hunch is right and this thing is going to work - whatever the case, I am not travelling over to Ireland at the back end of June with only one in my lure box.............(squirrely stuff going over under lock and key).

Make sure to regularly check out Keith White's blog about the lure fishing they are doing over in Jersey - have a look at this post here for example. This is cutting edge stuff that in time I really hope will feed into UK lure fishing in general, in fact I know of guys over here already doing these kinds of things and taking lots of fish. A lot of anglers keep what they are doing and catching a serious secret, and that is one of the reasons why I give these Jersey lads such a huge amount of credit - look at how generous they are with the sharing of the tactics and techniques that they are learning more and more about almost day by day. The Lure Forum is another place worth checking out, as of course if the massive World Sea Fishing site. Information is key, and you have to respect guys for pushing boundaries and sharing information.