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Just how awesome is this weather ?

OK, so it's not as if we had very good conditions for bass fishing over in Ireland last week, but when you wake up every morning to such stunning weather you can't help but rejoice in the fact that it's just pretty damn awesome when the sun shines and we get some proper heat. As my wife said when I got back home last night, this kind of weather is the reason that we live where we do in south east Cornwall.

Our last fishing day in Ireland was just glorious, but of course for all the wrong bass fishing reasons - saying that though, we were out on the coastline and it was pretty cool to see some of the marks we fish in those conditions. I don't remember seeing a northern hemisphere sea as clear as it was on the south coast of Ireland, to the point that I realised on a few of the marks how much more good looking ground there is than I had initially realised. Now I love the heat, but even I had to call time around mid-afternoon and get out of the sunshine for a bit - and I have never, ever had to do that when fishing in the UK or Ireland. Long may this glorious weather last, because we don't half deserve it.............

I did of course have to leave the fishing last weekend and go watch the final Lions test. Holy cow what a game of rugby, the kind of thing you dream about but can't imagine is actually going to happen. Heroes the lot of them, and my cap is doffed to the genius that is Brian O'Driscoll and the man that he for so graciously accepting Warren Gatland's tough decision. Andy Murray did the nearly impossible and fulfilled his destiny. And then how about the first Ashes test ? I caught a bit of the final day on the ferry and then had Test Match Special on in my car as I headed out of Fishguard back home - and very nearly came off the road as that final DRS decision was given out and we won by the narrowest of margins. Does sport get any better than this ? I don't chew my nails anymore and I gave up smoking over ten years ago now, but sport like this is just no good for the nerves !!

Any of you who travel for work know all about how special it is to get back home and be enveloped by your family. I love what I do and of course I've got Ireland really badly, but I miss my family when I am away and it gets tougher and tougher as my girls get older - we are planning to head over to Ireland as a family for a few weeks next August and I can't wait to show them the places I know over there and take them out bass fishing etc. Imagine if we got this kind of weather, but let's not get ahead of ourselves here !! But wow is it nice at the moment and I hope that all of you are managing to get out and about in this glorious weather and enjoying wherever you live to the max.