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Just look at the sheer joy on an adult angler’s face - fishing can be as serious as you want it to be, but it will forever be about having fun to me

We were on the beach for about 5.45am this morning and the conditions were pretty damn tasty. By no means did we end up having an epic session, but to me there is something so wonderfully and eternally enjoyable about being out fishing with a good friend and connecting with a few bass. I get that we live in a small, over-populated country and we must do all we can to protect our fishing in a variety of different ways, but as long as I live I will hold on to how fun it is simply going fishing, and it so floats my boat when I am fishing with somebody who feels the same way………


Please have a close look at the photo above that I shot this morning of Mark bending into a bass he’s just hooked in the surf. Bear in mind that Mark is just north of 50 years old and he works in the Art of Fishing tackle shop and therefore is surrounded by all things fishing all week long. How easy would it be to lose a bit of that love for fishing when it’s your work as well, so the photo above speaks volumes to me with how much simple fun it is to go fishing and catch some fish. Look at that smile on Mark’s face - surely it’s the perfect advert for how much we so love what we do? We went fishing early this morning, we caught a few fish, and we had a complete blast - does it need to get much better?


And I also got to christen a brand new spinning reel that I took out fishing for the first time. I have been itching to get my hands on the new and not very expensive but apparently very well sealed against a good amount of saltwater ingress Penn Spinfisher VI, and yesterday a 4500 size arrived for a bit of a play. This Penn Spinfisher VI 4500 (380g loaded with line) weighs 50g less than the hugely impressive Penn Slammer III 4500 (429g loaded with line) and it sits rather nicely on a 10’ lure rod that I am trying out for my surf fishing. I have watched a few YouTube videos about this new Penn reel and they said it’s fine to load it up to the brim with braid (you would never do that with the Penn Clash!), so I put 300m of the “Blue Camo” 20lb Spiderwire Stealth 8 braid on with a load of mono backing and took it out fishing this morning.

Now the reel’s a little “tighter” when you wind a lure in than on say a Shimano, but it’s as smooth as you like, it casts like a dream, and I am guessing that little bit of “tightness” is down to the various seals (which I seriously want) and will most likely loosen up a bit more over time. Very early days of course with this new Penn Spinfisher VI 4500, but some very early impressions are that a spinning reel like this which I am seeing online for around the £130 mark could be a seriously handy weapon for a lot of the lure fishing we do, and I like how there is also a smaller 3500 and a 2500 version as well. Don’t get me wrong, I do love an ultra-lightweight, turns as smooth as butter Shimano or Daiwa, but I do not love those lovely Japanese reels when there’s a load of saltwater washing over and into them - plenty more to come. You all have a good weekend and the best of luck to Ireland tomorrow evening in what is surely the rugby match of the year…………..