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Local knowledge is always king

I can't think of a better way to highlight how important good local knowledge via anglers who seriously know their stuff is in fishing. The bass fishing out here at the moment is seriously tough, and I would think that the reasons for this are many - up and down weather, lack of food inshore at the moment, coloured water etc., but the simple fact is that when you know your local patch backwards like Ger Carey does then you are always going to be in with a shout at a fish or two.

The weather kicked up stink on Monday out here and essentially blew large parts of the coastline out for lure fishing, but the hope was that as the winds died down then that bit of kick to the water might get some bass moving around a bit more. We thought about things and made a plan to meet up very early on Tuesday morning at a mark on the Copper Coast that tends to fish about half tide up and on to high water. I have seen some serious bass come out of the place before in some really lively conditions, including a 10lb and an 8lb fish to Cian almost in consecutive casts if one takes into account me pulling him away from the fishing to get some photos of his bass. Photographers eh ?

Anyway, we turned up bright and early and almost raced down to the spot, but all too quickly it became apparent that it was completely weeded out and the water was still very coloured. We moved a little further back along the coastline and found a place without too much weed in the water, but there was still a lot of colour/murk. Not great. Was it a wrong call on our part ? Looking at the conditions I suppose it was, but that's a part of fishing.

Ger meanwhile had thought about things the previous evening and had (correctly) concluded that where we had chosen to fish would be unfishable. He had very kindly tried to call us on our mobiles but we had switched them off. Our fault entirely, but later on in the morning Ger got hold of Cian to tell him that he had caught six bass to just over 7lbs !! It kind of helps that Ger is massively wired into his local patch in a way that sometimes astounds me, and once again it proves to me that for all the theories, tackle and chat, nothing in fishing is ever going to beat strong local knowledge, instinct and natural talent. Fishing does it for me because I know that I am never going to come close to learning all that I want to try and learn, but at least I can keep trying.............(and Ger continues to smash bass on that IMA/DUO Nabarone 125F in the sardine red belly that l left for him last year !!)