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Lure fishing gear from the Tackle and Guns show

I was up at the Tackle and Guns show yesterday and although I reckon the actual fishing side of this annual trade show seemed smaller than last year, the lure fishing side of things seems to be getting bigger and more prevalent - and without a doubt there were plenty of trade related people looking at all the lure stuff on show yesterday. Holy cow there was some good looking new gear around !! Please excuse the dire looking iPhone photos here, but I was not about to lug by full size cameras around just for some badly lit product related photographs. Anyway, here's some of the new lure fishing stuff I found at the show.........

I haven't yet seen any lure anglers fishing with this style of spinning reel, but I am going to try and get hold of one of these Shimano AR-C Aero C14+ reels to see how it might do. It's a 4000 size reel and it feels almost ridiculously smooth and strong when you turn that handle, but the thing that most surprised me was how light it was - only 255 grams. The photo above is a screen grab from the 2014 Shimano catalogue by the way.

The increasingly large range of the (Angler's Republic) Palms Shoregun lure rods that the Lure Heaven lot are doing look like some awesome bits of kit, and they are retailing for under the £200 mark as well. A few waggles at the show and they feel pretty serious and almost any kind of bass related (and more) lure rod that we might need seems to be covered. There are of course a load more rods from this Japanese company that are being made available.

I did get to see one of the soft lures that I have really been looking forward to seeing, the smaller 5.8'' MegaBass DOT Crawler, and there is also a 4.8'' version to go with that big 7'' one that absolutely flies - they were on the Top Water Lures stand along with the thoroughly nice guys from Fiiish. I have a bit of a feeling about the 5.8'' DOT Crawler especially and I might or might not be trying a couple out very soon..........

On the ever growing TronixPro stand there was a different and rather interesting looking surface lure that I believe is called a "Burns Living Dead", and nope, it's nothing like that Bent Minnow thing in case you are thinking that from the (crappy iPhone) photo above. The eye of the lure for clipping on to is on the other side and actually on the head of the lure and not out the front if that makes any sense, and I believe you can get this lure working just like a dying, twitching bait fish up on the surface.

The new Shimano Stradic FJ spinning reels looked pretty impressive, and again, I will try to get hold of one to give it a decent go. I think they will be retailing around the £150 mark and although I personally have no interest in going LRF fishing, I note with interest that a company like Shimano is offering more of their spinning reels in that little 1000 size - including this new Stradic FJ. Photo obviously from a catalogue and not an iPhone.

I have a thing for APIA rods and together with a bunch of the Foojin'AD range on the Top Water Lures stand, they also had a couple of lure rods from the APIA 10th Anniversary Limited Edition Foojin'X range, and holy cow does the 9'3'' Grove Stream (max 32g) feel like one hell of a fishing rod. I am not quite sure how, but this particular rod did in fact sneak into my car and come home with me for a little bit of a thrashing.................

I have already seen this incredible looking MegaBass Gaus 30X spinning reel used for bass fishing. You know what you are getting with this company and I do love how so much attention has been given to how their gear both looks and of course works. Photo from an Ireland trip earlier this year.

I reckon these larger Yamamoto Swim Senkos have to absolutely murder for bass, pollack wrasse etc., in fact I had no idea that there were larger versions available until I saw them on the Lure Heaven stand - while of course I did my best not to let my eyes fall too hard on the racks of Graphiteleader lure rods.

There was also this new Yamamoto D Shad which I believe is a heavier kind of soft plastic jerkbait that I hope might work well in slightly rougher conditions. Awesome colours. The Lure Heaven lot are also going to be selling what I personally think are just about the best and most easy to use hooks for fishing soft plastics, the Owner Twistlock hooks - with and without belly weights as well. Nope, they are not a "budget" weedless hook, but I got hold of a few packets from the US earlier in the year and I have yet to lose a single one of them so far.

The TronixPro lot have got hold of the Yum range of soft plastics for the UK market and there were some good looking senkos and paddletails on display. I would guess that these lures are not going to be very expensive. Anyway, there you go, that's my take on some of the lure fishing gear at the T&G show that you can expect to see over the coming few months. Times are a changing....................

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