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Lure Love - IMA Sasuke 120 and 140

I am sure it’s the same for a lot of you - many of your favourite lures are all wrapped up with specific memories, and for the IMA Sasuke it’s exactly that for me. Along with a cotton candy IMA Komomo SF125 (check here), it was one of those rather lovely looking sand borer coloured IMA Sasuke 140 hard lures that I picked up from an old CLA Game Fair when Bass Lures has their first ever stand there. Two brand new lures from a company about which I knew squat, and both lures came with me to south east Ireland on my next trip.

And you couldn’t make it up. This location we used to fish a fair bit could throw up some awesome bass fishing, and as we made our way around the cliffs on an ebbing tide, there’s a great big rockpool right next to a lovely bit of seriously bouldery ground that always screams to be fished. I clipped on my brand new Sand Borer IMA Sasuke 140, chucked it into the rockpool to have a look at the action, called a couple of the guys over to come and have a look because it looked bloody lovely - as you do - and then I simply turned around and whacked the lure out over that delicious bass ground.

You know what happens next. First cast with this new lure and a bass nails it. Obviously it was a monster because I never got to see it, and the fact that it ran a bit and then threw the hooks (no crushed barbs for me back then) was of course frustrating, yet at the same time I was in a bit of shock at what had just happened. Remember at this time in my lure fishing life I was trying my best to better understand which kinds of lures might work over which kinds of ground - hell, I am always learning about this of course - and the fact that I had “found” a new to me lure that looked bloody lovely, cast great, swam at a sort of shallowish to medium depth and nailed bass, well how could I not go and fall in love with it? I had never seen a lure like this and I was rather excited at my “find”.

I must assume that the IMA Sasuke family of hard lures were at some point at least inspired by what I believe are known as “bottle plugs” from the US striped bass scene, and then I am guessing that the IMA lure designer who first designed that Sasuke 140 at least borrowed a few ideas and then made it into a smaller, long-casting bass lure that of course kills for our fishing. I just love the Sasuke lures. I have heard really good things about the chunkier Sasuke 130, but my experience with that lure so far is a few casts into rough seas where it seems to work well. As per yourself I am sure, there are a few lures that we don’t tend to go fishing without at least one in our lure boxes, and I wouldn’t feel comfortable not having at least a Sasuke 120 or 140 in there somewhere. I just like how they cast and swim and the bass seem to agree.

I have also done pretty well on the smaller Sasuke 105, indeed I remember fishing a spot with a mate a few years back and feeling so confident with the conditions that I said if we didn’t catch a bass I would throw my gear in the tide and give up! It was the little Sasuke 105 that saved my gear from a watery grave that day. I don’t have any particular feelings about the 120 or the 140 being better than the other one, but I reckon I probably fish with the 120 more than I do the 140. I can’t tell you why other than I most likely have a few more colours of the Sasuke 120 over the larger 140. Does this catch me more fish? Not sure, but it sure as hell catches my eye! Some of those limited colours that IMA do on the Sasuke 120 especially I am guessing are designed to catch an angler’s eye - no way, really? I do take the middle treble off the 120 and the 140 because I can’t see any point in it being there, and recently I have been messing around with those specialist single hooks. More to come on that, but I think I have settled on a treble at the front and a single at the back for various reasons, and to me the Sasuke 120 and 140 swim just fine rigged like this. Lures eh? Can you ever have enough?