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Lures as art ?

DUO Tide Minnow 125 SLD-F

Or am I slowly but surely disappearing up my own nether regions in a fog of misplaced creative energy ? Give me good old outdoors photography any day of the week, but for a while now I have been taking lures upstairs to my light tent setup to photograph them so that I can include them in relevant Sea Angler articles for example. Sometimes it works well taking photos of lures outside, but at home I can control it far better and almost get ahead of myself with my work if that makes sense. Recently though I have been seeing if I could take my lure photography a little bit further...........

MegaBass Zonk 120 Gataride

Search the internet and you will find millions of photographers who have more studio skill than I am ever going to have in a lifetime of trying, but considering that I do have a bit of a thing for shiny lures these days, I am enjoying trying to be a bit more creative with them and see what I can come up with. You must also bear in mind that it's hardly the finest time of year to be out and about catching fish on lures around here - hence perhaps me starting to see some of these lures in a bit of a different light so to speak (enough said). But photography does it for me as much as fishing does, albeit in different ways, and I am enjoying the challenge of learning more about all this and trying to get better.

Daiwa Shore Line Shiner R50 LD+ SSR F-G (phew !!)

Fishing with them aside, you've got to hand it some of these lure makers. Sure, we clip them on and whack them out to catch fish, but I bet there have to be anglers out there who actually collect them as well as fish with them. Some people collect stamps, so I guess some people must collect lures. Or fishing rods. Or reels perhaps. Me ? I call it work !! Sort of.

DUO Tide Minnow 120 Surf

If photography is art, and it can be in my book, then could you envisage a cool shot of a lure sitting on your wall for example ? Aside from your other half perhaps thinking you've finally gone and lost the plot, would it be completely mad to think about putting up a big print of some cool looking lure ? It could be taking lure lust to a new level, but when you really get up close and personal with some of these things you begin to appreciate the thought that's gone into them. Is any of this going to make me a better angler ? Nope. I am not even sure whether me trying to make these lures look a bit more "arty" has any viable future as regards my business, but then my work is rarely about hard-edged decisions and trying to justify everything that I do to my books. If it was then perhaps I would be more successful !! Sometimes I just want to do stuff because it interests me. I hope you get my drift..........