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Major Craft Triple Cross TCX-942SSJ Super Light Shore Jigging 9'4'' 15-40g lure rod review - £199.99 UK price

I don’t think I have reviewed a Major Craft lure rod for a fair while now, not since this Japanese company in all their wisdom ceased production of the outstanding Skyroad range. I understand how product ranges need to be refreshed, but damn I’d have been reluctant to refresh those rods when they offered such outstanding value for money. Anyway, I believe the Major Craft Triple Cross range is the Skyroad replacement, and I’ve had the new Major Craft Triple Cross TCX-942SSJ Super Light Shore Jigging 9'4'' 15-40g lure rod here for a while now…………


First off let’s call this rod the Triple Cross 9’4’’ to make things a little easier, and secondly I need to tell you that my experience of “light shore jigging” rods is about squat - as is my light shore jigging experience itself, albeit in the UK and Ireland I suppose you could refer to deeper water pollack fishing from the shore as shore jigging and so on. Or how about whacking metals out into a bit of surf and working them around a bit? Is that shore jigging? Does it matter anyway?

Whatever the case, because of the 9’4’’ length of this rod and the 15-40g casting weight, I have looked at it with bass fishing eyes, and after a few casts it struck me that we’ve got a rather interesting fishing rod here - this Triple Cross 9’4’’ is obviously not in Major Craft’s standard 10-30g range, but interestingly to me it’s not quite in their more powerful next step up 15-42g range. Nope, to me this new Triple Cross 9’4’’ that comes from the “Super Light Shore Jigging” world sits slap bang in the middle of these two casting weight ranges and therefore offers an angler a good chunk of both - and I really like this. It’s the sort of lure rod that works for a lot of my bass fishing.


I guess that because of how shore jigging is meant to be done there’s a slightly longer handle length on this rod, and in a perfect world I’d like it a little shorter (44cms from reel stem to butt, and then 37.5cms on far too good for the price HTO Nebula 9’ 7-35g)  - but then I fish with the rod for a while and it all starts to feel normal. I do prefer shorter handles on lure rods and I know that plenty of anglers don’t. I love the actual handle design (duplon) and I like how well built this rod is. Credit as ever to Major Craft for using components like these and keeping the price more than reasonable if you ask me. This new Major Craft Triple Cross TCX-942SSJ Super Light Shore Jigging 9'4'' 15-40g lure rod smacks of quality.

It’s so easy to wind lures up on this thing. Accessing the power is effortless - it’s not a poker of a lure rod and you can feel that butt flexing when you wind this rod up (as indeed it should), but at first I didn’t feel I was quite getting the timing of this rod. A while later though and literally anything within that 15-40g range I can hit as hard and smoothly as I possibly can and I don’t feel the rod struggling at all, and putting a 40g lure out there (the 1.5oz GT Ice Cream) is just so easy. Load this rod up, don’t lash the hell out of it, and that tempered build up of power puts lures out there a mile if needs be.


And the tip on this thing is just sublime, indeed it’s how the tip works that really floats my boat about this rod. I am assuming that shore jigging requires a certain amount of power but also finesse in the tip, and this rod’s got that in spades - for sure you can chuck say a 6’’ OSP DoLive Stick around, but now go putting the Xorus Patchinko II or the (nice long drop and wow it goes) Savage Gear Line-Thru Sandeel in the 19g or 27g size on and this Triple Cross 9’4’’ seriously starts talking. Working a surface lure at range on this tip is outstanding, and then I clip on a 120mm Fiiish Black Minnow with that rather lovely 18g Search Head and “search” this combination along a very rocky sea bed and again the tip on this rod for me is doing its magic. 

I can see a true 15-40g lure rod like this Triple Cross 9’4’’ suiting a lot of bass anglers with the way it kind of crosses the divide as such, and whilst the rod must now go back from whence it came, I sure would love to whack some Fiiish Crazy Sandeels out off a lonely Irish headland and bash some pollack on this rod. Another class bit of kit from the mighty Major Craft.

Major Craft Triple Cross Super Light Shore Jigging 9'4'' 15-40g.gif

And before anybody here looks at the photos of Mark casting this rod and verbally thrashes me for so obviously giving away a location because of those houses in the background, please give me some credit here. I was spending almost every school holiday on this part of the north Cornwall coast since I was born - we moved from where we were fishing specifically so I could line Mark up for some casting shots with how the light was angled (and not show where we had been fishing/blanking!), and anyway, even if this was a top secret bass mark I would suggest that with the number of people out walking around Trevose Head on a sunny Easter Holiday weekend you are sort of big time in rather plain view! If muttering into your cornflakes about how bass fishing was better in the good old days before all these tits (like me) got into lure fishing for them then please enjoy your cornflakes!

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