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Major Craft Triple Cross TCX-982SURF 9’8’’ 10-45g lure rod review - £199.99 UK price (but it’s 10% off everything online and in store at Chesil Bait’n’Tackle for December)

As a more powerful, natural step up over the more regular 10-30g rods from Major Craft I really like how effortless it is to get at the power on this rather good looking Major Craft Triple Cross TCX-982SURF 9’8’’ 10-45g lure rod. As a logical “next step up on power” lure rod it’s fantastic, but although the word “Surf” is in the rod name, it is actually in the surf when the wind is blowing that this rod doesn’t float my boat as much - read on though and you will find out that in fact plenty of lure rods don’t do it for me in the surf, including rods that cost way, way more than this one………...


As ever these reviews are merely my thoughts and opinions, but to me this rather nice Major Craft Triple Cross TCX-982SURF 9’8’’ 10-45g lure rod is quite simply a really good rod if you are finding that you need to cast and fish with heavier lures than you can on say the outstanding 10-30g 9’ (my lure rod of the Year 2018) and 9’6’’ Major Craft Triple Cross EU Custom rods (reviews here and here). Obvious? Perhaps, but I haven’t seen or fished with the next step up within that EU Custom range, the Major Craft Triple Cross TCX-962M/EU Custom 15-42g rod - and going on how good those other two rods are I have to assume this one is at least pretty damn handy - but you can’t go far wrong with this new Major Craft Triple Cross TCX-982SURF 9’8’’ 10-45g.

This rod is not a scaffold pole and I like the way it bends in what feels to me like a perfectly natural way if that makes sense - if there is one thing I really don’t like it’s a poker of a butt and mid section with a soft as you like tip stuck on the end. This Major Craft Triple Cross TCX-982SURF 9’8’’ 10-45g is very easy to wind up and fish with. There’s no problems at all if you need to properly blast a 40g lure and as much as this rod will fish say a 6’’ DoLive Stick if needs be, I hope it’s fairly obvious that you aren’t going to be buying a 10-45g lure rod to spend your whole time fishing with much lighter lures that require as much touch and feel as a lighter rod. This rod likes being wound up to me, and I really like how easy it is to get all manner of sub-surface and surface lures out there a very long way if required. Working something like the Fiiish Black Minnow over a serious bit of reef is so good on this rod and I know a very good Dorset lure angler who raves about this rod with the increasingly impressive range of Major Craft casting jigs. I like the chunky handle on the rod and a spinning reel like the hugely impressive Penn Slammer III 3500 (my spinning reel of the year 2018) is a natural match for me on a rod like this and with how I would mostly fish with it.


So at the top I said that I wasn’t big into this rod for fishing in the surf, but this is down to me working out what kind of rod I do actually want when surf fishing - and if there is one thing I am finding that I do want it is actually a poker of a lure rod with a pretty stiff tip which doesn’t flap around in the wind (more to come on this). Now this then takes a lot more effort and timing to properly wind this sort of rod up, so whilst I’ll take that bit of a poker for my surf fishing which revolves a lot around simply blasting metals out and winding them straight back in, I don’t then much want a rod like that for the rest of my lure fishing because it takes so much effort to get it working. That stiff as you like tip renders the rod a little “dead” in my hands for when you are actually working lures instead of simply whacking and cranking - great for windy conditions if you ask me, but not ideal for a lot of other, often heavier lure work.


Which is when a lure rod like this Major Craft Triple Cross TCX-982SURF 9’8’’ 10-45g comes in for those times when I am out there and I need more grunt but also with a high degree of usability. To be honest if I was personally going to drop my own cash on a more powerful rod I’d probably err towards something a little bit steelier than this Major Craft Triple Cross TCX-982SURF 9’8’’ 10-45g, but on the other hand it’s a rod that feels better and better the more I fish with it - which is of course called getting used to a rod as it opens up to you. In truth I can see a lot of lure anglers getting a hell of a lot out of this rod if they are after something with a bit more power that isn’t going to give you and shoulder ache after fishing with it for hours on end. Well done Major Craft yet again.


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