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Major Craft Turel 9' 7-28g (£149.99) lure rod review - fancy winning it ?

It's hard to compare fishing rods, but this brand new £149.99 Major Craft Turel TUS-902M (9', 7-28g, rated Fast) lure rod coming into the UK at a penny under £150 and fitting into roughly the same category as the brilliant but discontinued Graphiteleader Argento RV 8'6'' of course makes me think of them as residing kinda under the same umbrella. I also think that Major Craft have been pretty clever here, because these new Turel rods have been designed and built for markets outside of Japan only, and as such there won't be any of this "my mate's cat's cousin's best hairdresser saw the rod for £10 less in Japan so all fishing tackle companies bringing Japanese fishing tackle into the UK are rip-off merchants" garbage.

A few waggles and I'm liking the rod already, albeit we all know that a few waggles don't actually tell one a huge amount. The rod seems to be well built, with Fuji K-guides and a Fuji reelseat and it feels pretty fast with a decent tip. It's fairly light in the hand and feels well balanced with different size spinning reels like the (just so ridiculously awesome) Shimano Sustain 2500FG and larger 4000FG models that I have been fishing with. But what's the rod like to fish with ?


Well I reckon that this is a very good lure fishing rod. Wind this thing up and you can feel all that power in the butt and middle section really helping to blast lures out there, but there is plenty of tip on the rod and I very much like how it all works together. Before anybody asks, yes, you can whack a comparatively heavy lure like the Patchinko or MegaBass DOT Crawler with serious ease, indeed the rod feels that bit happier from say the medium to higher end of its weight rating.

Is this new 9' Turel a better or worse rod than the sadly discontinued Argento RV ? Well put it this way - if you gave me £150 to spend on a lure fishing rod then I would be very pleased to own either of them. I honestly can't believe how much rod this kind of money can buy an angler, but then I would also point out that a penny under £100 buys you the pretty awesome but completely different, more "French style" Shimano Stradic 8'1' 10-35g as well (see my review of this rod here). As always it very much comes down to your budget, how you lure fish, and what kind of lure rod you are looking for.


Yes, the Major Craft Turel 902M and the Graphiteleader RV 8'6'' are different lure rods that do similar things really well, but it doesn't really matter anyway as you can't buy the RV anymore. In a perfect world I would like the handle on the Turel shortened by about an inch or two, but I know that is me and already I am feeling just fine with it having fished with it a bit. The Turel does have a touch more grunt in the butt section that you can really feel coming in when you power the larger lures out there.

Look, you can't go wrong with this new Major Craft Turel if you are after a lure fishing rod that is going to deal really well with the a lot of the ways we tend to lure fish for bass here in the UK and Ireland, but if you fish mainly smaller soft plastics and hard lures then you might want to also check out the lighter Turel 7'9'' 5-21g version. The Nice Fish people have kindly said that I can put this exact Turel 9' 7-28g review rod I have here up here for grabs - so how can you win it ?


In no more than twenty words, describe to me in the comments section below the most amazing/exciting/life-changing thing that has happened to you while lure fishing for bass - and then send me via email (my email address is here) the exact same words together with your full name and postal address so that this rod can be sent to you in case you win. Make sure to put "Major Craft rod competition entry" as the email subject. Do not put your postal address in the comments section, indeed if anybody does then their entry will be disqualified, as it will be as well if you go over the twenty word limit. I'll pick a winner in a couple of weeks or so and then announce it here on the blog. Go for it and best of luck. This is a lure rod you seriously want to win..............................