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Major Craft X-Ride XRS-902ML 9' 10-30g lure rod review - around £250

A nice, easy review to write - the Major Craft Truzer 9’ 10-30g lure rod (review here) is the best, most “precise” 9’ lure rod I have ever had the pleasure of fishing with. I love the Fuji Torzite guides on it and I have a bit of a thing for the cork grips. It’s not remotely a cheap rod, but it’s that good I believe it’s worth every single penny at around the £370 it costs in the UK and Ireland. There are of course a lot of lure anglers who can’t or won’t spend that sort of money on a lure fishing rod, but to me it’s a crying shame that more anglers can’t get to use a rod like this because it’s so damn good. So why am I banging on about the 9’ Truzer when the review is meant to be about the Major Craft X-Ride XRS-902ML 9' 10-30g lure rod?

Because I reckon we’re talking about either the same blank here, or if not exactly the same, so damn close that I can’t feel any difference between the two rods. I found the same thing with the 9’6’’ X-Ride and 9’6’’ Truzer. Sure, the 9’ Skyroad 10-30g (review here) is one hell of a rod that I could quite happily use for evermore, but without a doubt the Major Craft X-Ride XRS-902ML 9' 10-30g lure rod is a step up. That bit more precision - “accuracy of everything” if you like - and the overall steeliness has gone up a notch if you ask me, yet for some reason the roughly £250 9’ X-Ride is a rod that I am not hearing much about here in the UK or Ireland. Has it slipped under the radar or has the outrageously good and roughly £70 cheaper 9’ Skyroad stolen its thunder? The X-Ride to me is easily worth that price jump, but on the flipside you can’t go wrong with the 9’ Skyroad. Whatever floats your boat and all that.

Can you live without a very expensive set of Fuji Torzite guides and a cork grip on a lure rod, because if you can then the X-Ride 9' 10-30g lure rod is a serious steal of a lure rod. Yes, £250 is a lot of money, but this is a hell of a lot of rod. I love those Torzite guides on the Truzers, but perhaps that’s because they are so “luxurious” rather than offering any actual fishing benefits that I have come across. I can easily live without a set of Torzite guides, and of course I am perfectly happy with a regular duplon grip on a lure rod as well. I have fished a hell of a lot with the 9’ 10-30g Truzer now and I just keep liking it more and more, so I gave the 9’ X-Ride 10-30g an absolute thrashing in Ireland when we had all conditions from flat calm to snorting easterlies in our face. As with the Truzer, I can’t trip this X-Ride up at all, and I wonder if lure anglers are aware how good this rod really is? Read my review of the 9’ Truzer and you will see what I want to say about the blank itself - and that applies exactly the same to this Major Craft X-Ride XRS-902ML 9' 10-30g lure rod. If I ever get to fish with a better all round kind of 9’ lure rod blank than this I will be amazed. See, nice and simple eh? Have a good weekend and may a few decent fish smash your lures and baits.

And to save myself emails and messages from anglers asking where they might see or buy this rod, I have found it listed at Chesil Bait'n'Tackle and Veals Mail Order. I am sure there are other places that I am unaware of, but yes, I can’t understand why a rod this good is not stocked all over the place. Please know that I don’t work with these shops and if you buy gear from them I don’t get any form of kickback. I am merely trying to help.