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Make hay while the sun doesn't shine

It's such good news to be able to talk about some fantastic bass fishing that has been going on in Devon and Cornwall recently - the quality of the fishing down here has I hope been similar around where you live. As much as I'm feeling a bit of cabin fever with the extreme lack of sunshine, I guess that every monsoon-bearing cloud does indeed have a silver lining, and around here that welcome lining to a complete lack of anything we might call summer has been a lot of bass around with some serious fish mixed in. Catching fish is what it's all about and we can but hope this level of sport may continue for a while.

The Cornish Lure Festival 2012 that ran over the weekend was what I think you might call a roaring success. I would have loved to head over to the Art of Fishing yesterday to get some photos of the prize giving etc., but prior family commitments kept me away. Next year perhaps, but to be able to report that the winning fish was a monster 74cm/just over 10lb bass is quite something. Check here for some photos of this fish and further details of the event. Craig is a thoroughly nice guy and he is big time into his lure fishing. The fact that a fish of this quality went back is the icing on the cake if you ask me. Second place was a bass of 61cm and third place was 58cm. Cornwall can still produce the goods, and I am also hearing of some quality bass fishing from north Devon where bass nut and guide Joel Squires has been in amongst them up to the 8lb mark so far these last couple of weeks (check here). I got to take some photos with Joel the other day but the larger fish were not playing ball for us - they've got some serious bass fishing ground up there, wow !! I know he caught and released a lure caught bass of just under 12lb last year on the killer MegaBass X140.

All credit to those lure nutters at the Art of Fishing for organising this festival and securing such an incredible array of prizes. I believe that Craig walked away with a brand new Nories rod, a pair of Costa del Mar sunglasses and a whole heap of lures, line etc. The fact that companies such as Marukyu (Nories, Ecogear), Costs del Mar (the best polarised sunglasses in the world, period), and Nice Fish (Sunline, Major Craft, Seaspin lures) etc. got involved with this festival must surely be testament to how much the whole lure fishing thing keeps on growing. I can't wait now for the inaugural Irish Bass Festival later on this month - it should be a fantastic event...........

A friend of mine called me up to tell me about a bunch of bass he had on Friday evening along the south coast of Cornwall, with fish up to 5.5lbs in amongst them. He caught the majority of the fish on a lure that for some reason I have not thrashed in anger at all, the Lucky Craft Sea Finger, also known as the Lucky Craft Flash Minnow Slim (check here for what it looks like, and there seem to be a few different sizes). I have had one here for ages now, but you know how sometimes a lure or two almost slip under the radar when you have an addiction/affliction ? Great to hear of a bunch of fish coming to the lure, but about ten minutes after we finished talking and I got an email from Seamus over on the north coast of Kerry with a photo of a bass he had literally just caught on guess what lure ? Uncanny, and yes, I have located my own Sea Finger and it's in the box !! Andy and I are heading over to fish/photograph with Seamus along the north Kerry coastline (Tralee and up I believe) for a few days next week before we then head down to Dungarvan to spend another few days in and around that inaugural Irish Bass Festival which is being run out of Absolute Fishing in Tramore. Hope to see you there............