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Makes me want to come back even more..........

Of course you want every trip to be blinder like the one we had over here in September, but what can you do but take the hand you're dealt and roll with it ? It's been a really tough few days so far, but perhaps the most frustrating thing is that the average size of bass landed has to be up around the 6lb mark, and they are in about as good a condition as fish can be in - imagine if the coastline was firing !! Yesterday for example we had the most perfect sea conditions you could hope to see, but the whole Copper Coast was beset with mucky water that extended out about 200 metres or so - with lovely clean water right behind it. There may be some anglers out there who can chuck a lure that far, but not me !!

I do enough trips away to have become completely realistic when the fishing is tough, but when I come to a place like Ireland that I love with a serious passion then the sort of hard fishing we are getting at the moment only makes me want to come back even more. I know how good the fishing is around here when it fires, indeed I have seen it go off enough times to be able to pull the memories out my head and relive them at will, and of course I know that there will be plenty of times to come when everything comes together and the fishing starts firing again - proving yet again that conditions, conditions and yet more conditions are so much a part of what this bass fishing thing is all about. Two more days left so let's see what happens.......