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Massively overexcited because I am off to Ireland tomorrow - yippee!

The day the buzz isn’t there about this fishing thing and also heading away for this fishing or indeed guiding thing is the day that life for me would essentially be over. A life without fishing and all that surrounds it is a life I don’t want to contemplate, and for all the amazing places I have been lucky enough to spend time in via my working in fishing, that buzz about heading over to Ireland is still that bit extra special…………


I am heading over tomorrow for a week of fishing and photography around Dungarvan. It’s been too long and I can’t wait to get back and fish those waters where I have had so much fun over the years. Steve and Carl are jumping in my epic Berlingo and I know deep down that they are more excited about getting to ride in my chariot than they are about the bass fishing to come. Come on lads, you can admit it, you look a lot younger and more hip when you are travelling in such style, and especially when the driver is wearing his under-wader compression tights and a pair of shorts with the obligatory Crocs of course!


As ever I am heading over with a very open mind - we will work together on trying to find the best bass fishing we can, and I reckon that if conditions stay like this then it’s going to be a lot of all night fishing especially. In truth we will only get about four or five hours of proper darkness a night, but between the three of us I reckon we know enough to have a decent chance at some good fishing if the bass are behaving. I can remember one complete day and night so well over there a couple of years ago in June, when we fished hard nearly all day and never had a sniff - but once it got dark we smashed bass until first light.

I had better get on with clearing some work and getting myself packed up for heading over tomorrow, and as ever I will do my best to keep the blog updated with how we are getting on. I haven’t been over to Ireland since my last co-guiding trip over in Kerry last October and I can’t wait to get back over there. You all have a good weekend and may England get back to winning ways again and stuff South Africa in the rugby tomorrow………..