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Maximus High Energy-Z 27M 9' 7-35g lure rod review - £99.98 UK price for the time being (the best sub-£100 lure rod I have come across)

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Of course I love fishing with lovely high-end gear that can sometimes have me literally purring with pleasure as I turn the handle on a spinning reel or deftly(?) push a lure out just about where I meant it to go, but believe it or not I find it just as satisfying when I stumble upon bloody good fishing tackle that doesn’t cost a fortune. I knew from my very first cast with the incredible 9’ 7-35g HTO Nebula lure rod for example that I had something very special in my hands, and over time the seriously good value for money, workhorse-like Penn Slammer III spinning reels have wormed their way into my affections in a serious way - and so on……..


And I am now putting this fantastic Maximus High Energy-Z 27M 9' 7-35g lure rod into the same category, as in I strapped the impressive Penn Spinfisher VI 2500 spinning reel to the rather snazzy and very comfortable reelseat, headed out fishing, clipped on my go-to Whiplash Factory Spittin’ Wire lure, and from the very first cast I was grinning away like the tackle tart that I am - except this time I am holding £99.98 worth of carbon fibre in my hands and within two hours of trying to avoid the mackerel with all manner of different lures I know exactly how special this thing is. Holy cow the tip on it is something else, indeed I can think of a few more expensive lure rods I have fished with that could so do with a tip as good as this one. It’s not remotely a soft tip by the way, rather the tip on this Maximus rod is just so “right” - not too soft, not too stiff, it just works.

I must obviously refer to the HTO Nebula 9’ 7-35g rod here because it’s the closest lure rod in specs and price to this Maximus High Energy-Z 9' 7-35g. I had a look on the HTO website and they are listing the Nebula at an RRP of £133.99 these days, but then I went and checked the affiliate links on my website and I noticed that Veals Mail Order are currently selling this awesome lure rod for £114.98 - this is a hell of a lot of rod for the money in my book. This Maximus rod is a slightly different animal though, and as much as I can’t fault the amazing 9’ 7-35g Nebula and its lightening fast and very pokey action, I would hazard a guess that a few anglers have picked it up, purred, but then found their casting distances have come down a bit due to the rod’s incredibly steely and precise action which gives rise to a somewhat unforgiving nature.


This stunning Maximus High Energy-Z 9' 7-35g lure rod is still nice and fast, but it’s not an out and out poker at all. I find it easier than the Nebula to get at the power in this rod with all manner of different lures, and whilst it’s rated up to 35g, unlike on the Nebula where I have successfully pushed 35g metals as hard as I possibly can to try and reach birds working on bait, I like this Maximus High Energy-Z 9' 7-35g when I am sticking to lures around the 30g mark and below. Maximus is a well established Eastern European rod brand that is new to the UK, and they list literally hundreds of different rods on their website, so it’s a shame there isn’t a 9’6’’ 7-35g version of this Maximus High Energy-Z in there because I think it would complement this stunning 9’ version rather nicely.

Clip the Patchinko or indeed the new Patchala on and this Maximus rod can bang these long-range surface lures out a frigging mile with no lashing back at you at all, and there is loads of steeliness in the tip to properly work them at maximum distance. It’s an absolute delight to then clip on a 6’’ OSP DoLive Stick and cast this soft plastic in a way that sees it fly out completely straight and true, and then tighten your mainline up and work this killer lure back to your feet. If the Nebula appeals to me because it’s so fast and light and pokey, this Maximus High Energy-Z 9' 7-35g is an easier rod overall for fishing all manner of different hard and soft lures. Easier isn’t better or worse by the way, it’s just different to the slightly more expensive Nebula.

I haven’t weighed the rods but I reckon the Maximus is a little heavier than the Nebula, and both rods are about as much quality as I can imagine rods of these prices could possibly be. Think back to those old floppy-style, UK-centric salmon and sea trout spinning rods and then pick up this £99.98 Maximus High Energy-Z 9' 7-35g and it’s something else. This Maximus thing is an out and out lure fishing rod that I hope might give a bunch more anglers the chance to fish with a truly proper bit of kit that will grow with them as this bass lure thing takes hold and drives one towards addiction and bank account emptying issues!


As I said at the top, my own fishing with this Maximus rod has been done with the little Penn Spinfisher VI 2500 spinning reel attached to it. One of our clients fished with the rod for four days straight out in Kerry, but this time with the larger and heavier Penn Slammer III 3500 on the rod - and it felt pretty good as a combination. I had a few quick chucks myself and yet again I was surprised at just how “right” a slightly heavier spinning reel can sometimes feel if you give yourself a bit of time to get used to the different balance of the outfit. Our lad fished with loads of different lures and even caught a bunch of nice pollack out on the boat in about 60’ of water on this Maximus rod, and it never missed a beat.


It has absolutely made my summer to have come across this fantastically good value for money Maximus High Energy-Z 9' 7-35g lure rod. I believe they are just starting to trickle into the UK and in due course will become more easily and widely available, but if you are after a truly proper lure fishing rod for no more than £100 then I urge you to put this thing on your list. My understanding is that the price is going to go up after a few months, so as good as I think this Maximus rod is, if it ends up around the price of the 9’ 7-35g HTO Nebula then I’m going to um and ah a bit and most likely go for the Nebula.


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