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Mend-It - not just for mending it

Have any of you come across this Mend-It glue that you can repair soft plastics with ? It's some pretty clever stuff and I particularly like the fact that it's not remotely like superglue and therefore I don't need to be cutting my fingers free of whatever I am trying to stick. What, you haven't had that problem with superglue ? Might just be me then and my legendary DIY skills..................

So how does this Mend-It stuff work ? Watch the video clip above and give it a go - grab a soft plastic, cut in half, paint a bit of Mend-It on, squeeze the bits together for a while and there you have it. Stuck together. Or you could set about simply mending your soft plastics that have been torn up due a bit for whatever reasons. Having trouble skinning a particular lure again and again because the hook point has torn a hole in the back of the lure ? Apply some Mend-It. The stuff works and I tend to use it a fair bit. I know soft plastics are for the most part dirt cheap compared to hard lures, but a bit of Mend-It does great with say repairing tear holes in a senko. You can get Mend-It over here if you have a quick look on Google.


Anyway, let's forget about mending soft plastics for a moment, because I reckon that I have found a very handy extra use for this Mend-It stuff. Do you ever use those Fiiish Black Minnows ? If you don't then this ain't going to apply to you so I'll see you next time, but if you do, I am sure that like me you have sometimes struggled to get the body to secure properly to the back of the jig head via whatever superglue you have been using. It seems that sometimes the glue "takes", and sometimes it doesn't, and personally I do like gluing head to body with the Black Minnows. And yes, let's forget all about any notions that my mate's mountain lion's pet goldfish's uncle's coui9sn twice removed think they're too expensive or that other paddletails work just great as well (they do, obviously). I like the lures, they provide a logical "solution" to me, and I can't ignore the fish I catch or indeed see caught on them.

I do everything that Matt the designer of the Fiiish Black Minnow advised me to do - I slightly score the back of the jig head around where that funny shaped hook connecting thing sits, and I then rub the front of the lure body against something very slightly abrasive (sleeve of a rain jacket for example) to make sure that an oil residue from the moulding process is removed. I then put a drop of superglue between body and head and hold them in place for a bit - but unless I am doing something wrong, I just don't get a solid bonding every time.

I was mending a few plastics after my trip to Ireland the other day (a bunch of photos are here by the way) and I thought I would see if this Mend-It glue might work sticking a Black Minnow body to its head. Why ? Not sure really, but I like trying stuff out and I was probably doing a bit of work avoidance/"researching" lures online. Anyway, the Mend-It only went and worked, and I mean worked perfectly. Much better than any superglue type glue that I have tried, to the point that I went digging around for any Black Minnows I could find here and stuck the lot together with Mend-It. I also (pretty easily) pulled apart any that I had already rigged up with superglue and then "glued" them properly with Mend-It.


I don't know why Mend-It seems to work so well with these Black Minnows, but it just does. You can also "paint" a little bit of Mend-It around the join between head and body, but to be honest if you just use it like a glue and press the two sections together and hold for a bit it seems to work fine. Of course I then got a bit overexcited and thought it may well be the glue to answer all my finger-sticking problems - which it doesn't seem to be. I tried sticking a few other kinds of soft plastics to random jig heads and it didn't work, but bear in mind that I only tried a couple of different ones out and if it works with the Black Minnow then I am sure it might work with some other plastics. Not bad eh ? OK, so life does sometimes get a little more exciting than soft plastic gluing discussions..................

I am off to the Tackle and Guns trade show on Sunday and I am hearing that there might well be some rather interesting lure fishing related stuff up there. If I can, I will take some iPhone photos of some bits and pieces and do a blog report perhaps on Monday morning - bearing in mind that iPhone photos are of a pretty dodgy quality at best once you get them off an iPhone (me, a complete photo snob ?). As regards better quality photographs, I have redone the bass fishing pictures gallery on this website, check here. Hope you enjoy, have a good weekend, and that's quite enough of these northerly winds thank you very much.

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