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Might just be the most impressive looking front cover ever on the new Sea Angler magazine

Holy cow do I love the front cover on this month’s Sea Angler magazine, and whilst I have been more than proud of the numerous covers I have had over the years, to be honest I can’t recall a better looking, “look at me” front cover as you will find on this new edition - with huge credit firstly to the supremely talented artist and bass fishing junkie David Miller (check here, you will recognise his work), and then the powers that be at Sea Angler towers for going with this cover.

Screenshot 2019-04-04 15.06.27.jpg

Okay, so there might be a little bit of bias due to the bass fishing nature of the front cover, but I can’t recall literally wanting to dive into the front cover of a fishing magazine like I do with this month’s Sea Angler. Are those bass eyeing up a lure for example? Are they on the hunt? Are they talking to me? Could a fish look any better than how David Miller has painted them here, save for being lucky enough to see a bunch of them underwater and in their natural environment? I have only met David a couple of times but I believe he does indeed spend a good bit of time under the water to study how various fish move and interact. Have a look around his website and drool!

And make sure to buy the new Sea Angler magazine - not only to be able to keep that front cover forever, but also because it’s loaded with a heap of bass fishing articles and trips and tricks. You all have a good weekend and I hope you might find a few earlyish bass if you manage to get out and about………...

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