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Might plastics save me from myself ?

Believe me, as a lure angler/addict, I am still fighting a continual battle to stop cranking the living daylights out of the lures I hurl in the general direction of a bass or two. You would have thought that a grown-up (??) father of two would not still be struggling with this almost primeval urge, but I am. At least I'm honest about my problem.

And I think that soft plastics could end up being my saviour. They make me slow down, indeed I have even caught fish by doing nothing to them. Makes me feel good about myself that does. But as for lure lust, let's face the fact that opening a packet of plastics is never half as exciting as slowly extracting a nice, shiny new hard bass lure from its intricate packaging. Look at those two plastics above - do they "grab" you like say a Gataride or a Tide Minnow does ? Thought not. But they work.....

I talked the other day on here about how these Mann's Hard Nose 5'' Freefall Worms did so well on the pollack, but they also work for the bass. By sometimes doing nothing, and I really mean nothing. Casting them out, allowing them to hit the bottom (via that Owner jig head), and then letting them literally trundle down the tide in an estuary. Czech-nymphing with a lure, indeed just one single situation where a plastic can kill. Tap, tap, bang, bass on. Gives me such a kick. I suppose that in reality I am feeling a whole lot more comfortable these days with choosing various hard lures for different situations, but in all honesty I don't even think I have started up the ladder when it comes to the plastics. I know I should fish them more as well. With jig heads, without jig heads, you name it, it's all a part of lure fishing. The inner finesse.

Granted, there are times when a plastic simply will not cut it for various reasons, but there are also plenty of times when I know that I should be turning to them for my fishing. Look at what Keith and Kevin White do over in Jersey for example - ok, so they are taking it to a level which I am simply never going to get to, but anglers like this deserve huge credit for forging ahead and refusing to stand still (check Keith's blog here). And I know that plastics play a huge part in their own bass fishing, plus of course for wrasse etc. Confidence. Having the confidence to fish slowly and deliberately. Truly trusting that a lure can work effectively when the angler I suppose sets it in place and then lets it do its thing. Without cranking the living daylights out of it. Me ? Never........