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Monday mumblings - 19.08.2013

Holy cow we're not very far away from September - where on earth does the time go ? Not long ago and we are stuck in the middle of nine weeks of north east winds and suddenly it's nearly autumn. Finally, a summer that we can be proud of. Is there anything better than spending time outside in the sunshine with your family ? As an angler though, do you ever think that with such a slow start to the season, human logic then prevails and we get an awesome last few months to the year ? Or does nature simply not work that and we'll get what we get ?


I don't know how many of you who read this blog then go and look around this website, but I have put a couple of new photo galleries up recently from these trips over to Ireland that I do - look here (June/July 2013) and here (August 2013), or just go to the Fishing Pictures page on my website, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on whichever gallery you fancy having a look at. Yes, I take my photography very seriously, and yes, it consumes me as much as fishing does.

As regards this bass filming we did over in Ireland the other day, I know that the first short film will be going out during the Tight Lines programme that is on Sky Sports 4, Friday 23rd August. I haven't seen it and I don't expect to until it comes out, but I am looking forward to seeing that is done with the footage. I am still pinching myself that we came away with bass to nigh-on 10lb on camera, and there is one side of me that can't help but wish that we had been filming a full on bass fishing episode for a TV series because of the fishing we got - that kind of stuff doesn't happen very often when fishing from the shore.

If you read this blog then you will know that I am starting to do some work for Shimano, but it makes no difference to how much I am loving fishing with their new Sustain spinning reels. These things are just awesome bits of kit, and recently I have been trying out the slightly larger 4000FG model to see how it feels on the lure rods I am fishing with. It's a machine !! In time I will do a review, but so far the 4000 is floating my boat just as much as the 2500 reel and both seem to balance just great on my lure rods. If these things last like the Rarenium then I reckon we're talking about a classic lure fishing reel.

I have been lent a new lure rod to have a play with and I am extremely interested to see how it might perform - especially because it's around the price of the (sadly) discontinued Graphiteleader Argento RV 8'6'' rod that I think is so ridiculously good, and with roughly the same specs. This rod is 9' long, rated 7-28g, RRPs around the £150 mark, and it feels just awesome. Give me a while and I will get back to you, but check back through my recent reviews (hint - type the word "review" into the Search box on the right side of this page) and you will get a bit of an idea at the sort of gear we can increasingly get our hands on at some very sensible prices. Also make sure to check out the ever expanding Fishing Tackle section on this website, see here.

Monday Morning Metal Madness - This band just freaks me out, and some of their music is hardly even metal. The mighty Solstafir hail from Iceland, a place I have been to only once, yet it's somewhere I long to get back to and photograph some more. This particular song gets in my head in just the right way - it's off their album "Svartir Sandar". Give it a listen as it's very much not raging thunder and guttural vocals, indeed the music and the video really do give me a feeling of the Icelandic landscape. Rock on !!