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Monday mumblings - 22.07.2013

Correct me if I am wrong, but I reckon the sea temperature around here in south east Cornwall has jumped over 5 degrees in less than a month. I am pretty sure it was down around the 12C mark just before I did my first Irish trip of the year in June, but now the temperature is getting closer to 18C (see here). I will be very interested to see what might happen around here as and when the conditions start to bounce again, although I will be loathe to lose this stunning weather we have been having. We picked the girls up from school and went straight to the beach on Friday afternoon and even I went for a swim which I categorically don't tend to do in this country. It's awesome living so close to the sea.

The lads who kindly did this Guest Blog post for me here are once again up in Scotland chasing those monster skate from the shore, and I can't wait to hear how they get on. Damian is going to do another post for me when they return, so keep your eyes peeled for what I hope is going to be another perfectly mad tail of monster fish from "our" shores. I have got to see this fishing one of these days.

If you are into your cricket, I am sure it cannot have passed you by that we are already 2-0 up in a five match Ashes series that has the potential to become a whitewash does it not ? I am not counting chickens and I'll take a 3-whatever win however we can get it, but there is something wonderfully satisfying about being a supporter of the team that is handing out the drubbings to the Aussies rather than the other way round - which let's be honest it was for many a year with that awesome team they had. Roll on the third Test, and on the subject of Test cricket, 20/20 and One Day stuff doesn't even come close.

I was so hoping that Lee Westwood was going to finally win the Major that he is so overdue. What an awesome golfer, but the best sportsmen and women I suppose know how to get the job done in the cauldron of pressure that is a final/final round/big game etc., and for all Westwood's skill and ability, I am gutted for him that he still hasn't won a Major. All credit to Phil Mickelson though for shooting what they are calling one of the best final rounds of golf in an Open championship, and holy cow did Muirfield look one frighteningly tough course.

I can't pretend that I am into cycling, but to read that another Brit has won the ridiculously tough Tour de France for the second year in a row has to be some feat of skill and endurance. I dread to think how much pain Chris Froome goes through to do something like that. My memories of cycling are based mainly around getting to and from the pub when I was younger.

Monday morning metal madness - metal doesn't come much better than the Norwegian maestros Enslaved, and I will always love the fact that we would never have heard of let alone gone and filmed a TV programme on the remote island of Rost if it had not been for their frigging awesome drummer and serious fishing junkie Cato Bekkevold. This is one of my favourite Enslaved songs ever, off their 2010 album Axioma Ethica Odini. What a band. Check out 6:22 and beyond on this song and tell me this doesn't give you goose bumps.............

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