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Monday rumblings - 16.04.12


The Angling Trust has launched a new campaign called "Just Take 5" that is a move to encourage us anglers to spend a few extra minutes picking up litter when we are out fishing. This has to be a good thing and I hope that an initiative like this makes more anglers feel that extra bit of responsibility for "our" fantastic coastline that so many of us almost take for granted. We all despise litter and it's the least we can do to take a look around us and pick up bits and pieces of litter that other people leave behind. As to that very small percentage of anglers who leave fishing related litter behind themselves - don't even get me started on that one...........

There is a very interesting article about the fishing tackle market in Japan in this month's Tackle Trade World. A few years ago I had little or no idea as to how big recreational fishing was in Japan, indeed it is very easy as an angler to forget that there may well be millions of other anglers around the world who actually fish in similar ways to you - or just as likely fish in completely different ways which might well be worth learning about. The article says that Japan as a country has a population just below 130 million people, and that there are somewhere between 12-20 million anglers. Think about 12-20 million anglers as a percentage of the total population and then you might begin to understand just how huge fishing is in Japan. The total value of angling to Japan's economy is said to be worth around $6 billion. Saltwater lure fishing is rated the most popular fishing discipline with 22% of anglers (but then 15% of anglers are quoted as doing saltwater jigging - and to me jigging is lure fishing. So does it actually mean that 37% of anglers participate in some kind of saltwater lure fishing ? Holy cow.......), but I do find it "interesting" that in an article such as this that saltwater lure fishing for their various (sea) bass species does not even get a mention alongside the rock and squid fishing etc. I put this down to the simple fact that language differences are just so huge that certain details are getting lost in translation so to speak. Tackle Trade World is a trade magazine, but you can very easily click here and read the online version of it for free. Well worth it I reckon.

I am getting more and more feedback and questions about going wrasse fishing with soft plastics - a new short series of mine has just started in this month's Sea Angler magazine (check here), but I have also put up a photo essay on my website that is called "A very basic guide to wrasse fishing with soft plastic lures" (see here). Yes, it's simple in the extreme, but I firmly believe that at its core, wrassing on plastics is also a very simple thing to do - and I hope that some of you might find this short photo essay to be of some use in getting you started in this awesome fishing. Sea Angler though is the place where I can go into details far more. All feedback/constructive criticism is as usual most welcome.