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Mongolia fly fishing in black and white

I do not come from a black and white photography background at all, but I am always looking around for opportunities that I think might work in this interesting format. When I finally got the chance out in Mongolia to shoot some really moody casting/fishing shots, I instantly had them in the back of my mind as black and white photos, as you can see here. They work in my mind because the fisherman is lit from the left, and since the flow of the river was running right to left in the photos, it means that only one side of them is lit up strongly - I think this gives them just enough prominence in the overall photo, but I will leave it for you to decide if they float your boat or not. Or have I simply disappeared up my own backside with the airy-fairy artiness of it all ??!!

When there is such a narrow field of light to illuminate the fisherman, I really like the fact that only parts of the rod and the fly line are lit up. Double-handed fly casting always looks pretty good anyway, especially when you have somebody to work with like Pete McLeod above who knows what he is doing (gotta tell 'em what they want to hear eh ?!). Not only does the guy run one of the UK's best fly fishing travel companies in Aardvark McLeod, but he is also a fishing junkie like the rest of us - all I need to do now is to introduce him to some proper fishing. Lure fishing !! But the guy can fly fish pretty good.......

The shot above is of Pete's older brother Alex bending into a decent lenok - I am not sure where to try and place black and white images like this as I don't see much of it around any more, but I do like the look of it sometimes. I like the challenge of pushing people to publish the more creative side of fishing, because we all know how good this sport can look at times.

I have created a big gallery of a bunch of photos from this recent Mongolia trip, so take a look at the bottom of the Fishing Pictures page on this website and you will see a new category under "Recent Trips" - or simply click here to have a look. There are also a bunch of new shots in various different categories there. Now that I have finished processing all the photos from the trip, I can finally sit back and really take the whole experience in. I was not quite sure what to expect out there, but Mongolia and the taimen and lenok have really got to me in a major way. Speak to the people at Aardvark McLeod and get yourself out there if you can - the season is short, but the whole thing is a kind of glorious sensory overload. Wow, where are all these long words coming from this morning ??!! Feeling pretty erudite if you must know...........

I had a good chat with Nick at Bass Lures this morning, and if you are a complete and utter lure junkie like me, then you should keep an eye on their website right here, for they keep getting in lots of new stuff that is smashing the bass big time. I have a feeling that we are going to hear more and more about the outstanding range of IMA bass lures for starters, because they catch fish and they are sensibly priced. You can read a little about the ones I have used and abused so far right here.