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Monster coalfish on the fly


Just back from the tiny island of Rost off the coast of Norway where we filmed a TV programme around this time last year. This time I was photographing a couple of friends trying to nail big coalfish on the fly.......WOW !! This location continues to amaze me. Great guides that go out of their way to make it happen (Wildwater Fishing) always helps. Came back with stacks of very cool photos of some insane fish on the fly, will post a few over the next few days. Rost is one place where we reckon halibut could be taken on the fly. Excellent conventional fishing for them at Rost, especially May and June. Anybody who wants to see just how good fishing for cod, coalfish and halibut really can be should get themselves out to Rost. It is not the cheapest Norwegian fishing around, but it is just so good. Big cod might be a bit of fun, but they do not compare to a 30 lb plus coalfish hooked on light tackle. So far I know of no other place in Europe with such consistent fishing for big coalfish.

Here is fly fishing instructor Nick Hart and Wildwater Fishing guide Per Jonasson with, as far as we know, the heaviest ever coalfish taken on fly fishing tackle, weighing over 29 lbs.

Now this is the first blog I have ever done, so please bear with me as I get my head around this stuff. Have a look around for some awesome fishing photos from all over the world, plus plenty of info on where to go, when to go and how to do it.

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