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More Irish bass last night

Last night was not as good as we thought it might be, but what do we compare good to ? We still landed a bunch of bass on bait and lures, but for some reason the fish were not switched on properly.............where we were fishing is a place that you seriously need to "read" the water, so is part of it down to the fact that you simply can't see the subtleties to the water at night ? Being able to accurately cast into the right areas is vital. It was amazing to see so many sandeels jumping out of the way in the headlamp as you waded out - what a place to come fishing. So alive. Get yourself over to Ireland as soon as you can.

Anyway, we still had a blast, and by most bassing standards it was a pretty good few hours. I am in a serious rush to get my gear together once more to head back out, so below are a few photos from last night to give you an idea. Conditions are looking pretty good again.......how on earth do you sleep properly when the fishing is this exciting ?

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