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The tiny island of Rost is a fascinating place. It seems as though the whole island's vibrant economy is based around catching cod of a certain size and then drying them on wooden racks, bound mainly for the Italian market. Canon's awesome 16-35mm f2.8L lens is one I would never be without when the skies are big and blue and a polarising filter really brings the clouds out. Shooting wide is my favourite way of working and I love it when the light allows me to.........so where has our summer been here in the UK ??!! I know that we love to moan about our weather, but it has been truly terrible. Far too much photographing with my two 70-200mm lenses and framing out the (grey) skies for my liking.

There are a load more photos from this Norway trip to be found by clicking here. Whilst I find this kind of fishing hugely exciting to be around, at the same time I also find it profoundly depressing to have to compare it to the frankly dire fishing for big cod and coalfish we now have here in the UK. Somewhere like Rost is so comparatively close to the UK, but with their healthy fish stocks it might as well be another world. Just how good could our sea fishing be ?Watched the new Bourne Ultimatum film at the cinema last night and I was blown away. What an awesome piece of film making. I reckon the second one, The Bourne Supremacy, is the best of the trilogy though, but the editing in the new one is just staggering. There is no let-up, you leave the cinema reeling.If you are into your extreme metal, make sure to buy The Apostasy by Behemoth. What an awesome new album, these guys are savage, going to have to get myself to a gig to photograph them one day soon. I have done a bit of concert photography, click here for some examples. So tough to shoot, incredibly challenging, but what a buzz, and somewhat different to photographing fishing to say the least. f2.8 at ISO 1600 in very variable light is tough at the best of times, but my 1D MK11 cameras produce such clean files that I am constantly amazed. Great discipline.

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