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Most fun fishing day ever ?

My wife and I took our two girls up to Nick Hart's place yesterday for some fishing and a barbie - Nick and his wife Sue have got a boy and a girl, so we had the lot of them fishing on the little lake at Exe Valley fishery. My fishing is my fishing, but this kind of fishing is just the best thing ever. Seeing the kids into loads of (very hungry) rainbow trout is what it's all about. Us lot (the parents, makes me feel far too grown up) are all into our kids having a very outdoors based life, and this was just the perfect day out. Nick and I both work for ourselves, and neither of us get enough time to go and fish anywhere close to as much as we would like to, but a day like this is perfect. Nothing is more important than family in my opinion. If my girls end up loving fishing like their dad, fantastic, but in truth all I want to do is to keep encouraging them to think for themselves and to enjoy the outdoors.

We got to Exe Valley in time to fish plenty before firing up the barbie, and all the four kids caught a bunch of fish. We took a few for lunch, and I believe it is very important that my girls see how to humanely kill a fish that you intend to eat. There's nothing wrong with it, indeed they love eating fish, but kids need to know about where their food comes from, and they even got to watch Nick gut and prepare the trout for the barbie. Proper fresh trout, with virtually no time at all from catching to eating.

All the kids caught plenty of rainbows, and they also netted out lots of sticklebacks from the edge of the lake - obviously these went back after being closely looked at by them all !! How none of the kids actually fell in I am not sure, but that's part of the fun. I even managed to get my eldest girl to hold the rod, watch the float, and then strike and play a few fish completely on her own. A few floats went whistling by our ears. Lots of shouts of "net, net" !! Huge fun. Trout love bread. The main lake at Exe Valley is fly only, but the smaller lake is just perfect for families as it's any method - and there were plenty of other people fishing yesterday. Always good to see, especially when you hear from parts of the trade that nobody is actually going fishing these days. OK, so the spend might be down, but I am convinced that more people of all ages are coming into fishing at the moment.

All in all just the most wonderful day off with our families. Go back a few years to the "before children" years and I simply could never have imagined doing this kind of thing, let alone have such fun. I passionately believe that the simple things in life are the most important.......

Next week I will reveal all about this project that I have been working on - sorry to be so cryptic at the moment, but it will all make perfect sense once you see some of the stuff that has been taking up so much of my time. Another reason why yesterday was just so special.

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