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Mother Nature runs the show

I don't do drugs, I don't sniff glue, and I happen to think mushrooms are one of the filthiest things out there masquerading as a food stuff, hence the magic variety don't pass my lips either. I don't do religion at all and I am perfectly comfortable that when my time is up it's up. I am not looking for some kind of higher power or stimulant to look after me, but surely you can't help but look at these recent and persistent storms and wonder if Mother Nature does in fact watch what we are doing and has decided it's one of those times to show us who the real boss is. Look at the massive cold front sweeping down across the US for example - shock horror, the US is more than Disney and Sea World !! We might think we've got this living thing pretty sorted, but from time to time I do believe that we are reminded just how insignificant we really are.............

Tell me you aren't watching the news or reading newspapers recently with all those wave-crashing photos and footage and you're not finding yourself inexplicably drawn somehow to the raw power of the ocean. Rivers flood and cause serious damage, and some lakes are the size of countries, but that roar of the sea when it's wound up and angry, that malevolent look it gets when a storm is really whipping itself up, tell me you don't feel the electricity running through your body at how impressive the forces are that are at work all around us. A summer like the one we had last year almost lulls you into a sense of complacency that is then ripped apart as storm after storm lashes our rather beautiful coastline and smashes various man-made structures to pieces with what can only be described as impunity.

The fact that an angry nature takes human life is of course a tragedy. You do all you can to be sensible and stay safe, but accidents can and do happen when you're dealing with unpredictability - why though are there a few idiots out there who put themselves in harm's way and then by their stupid behaviour end up endangering the lives of those brave souls who go to their aid ? Honestly, when you see news footage or photographs of something like a father holding a child whilst the sea batters the structure he is walking out on and then smashing up and over it, you can't help but wonder if there is one single functioning brain cell at all in a head like that.

Please excuse my somewhat lame bad weather photographs from yesterday down at Portwrinkle - I should have made time to head up to the north coast to photograph some properly rough seas, for as raging as it has been around where I live, we just don't get those massive swells that you can get up on the north coast of Cornwall or say the west coast of Ireland - holy cow I bet it's been impressive somewhere like the south Clare coastline around Kilkee or out in the Isles of Scilly. Sure, I wish the weather would give us a bit of a break as I am suffering serious fishing withdrawal symptoms (lure gear shopping helps alleviate the pain a bit, dreaming of fishing sessions to come), but on the other hand it's deeply impressive that Mother Nature has decided to throw the kitchen sink at us. Man-made flood defenses failing, roads and promenades ripped to pieces, hundreds of tonnes of sand shifted about as if it were dust floating on a breeze - surely a reminder to us all that however advanced we think we are as a species, we're never going to come close to beating the odds when Mother Nature thinks we need a bit of a lesson. It's seriously impressive isn't it ?

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