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Moving house next week......

Anything to do with moving house is never easy, but finally we heard yesterday that contracts have been exchanged on our sale and purchase - meaning that we are actually moving house at the end of next week. Phew !! We saw the house we wanted to buy back in February I think it was, but it's taken up until now to get everything sorted out - selling ours, organising mortgages (ouch), dealing with solicitors and the endless game of back and forth over any number of relatively meaningless things. Barring the end of the world I reckon we are nearly there.........

I have lived in Plymouth since I was 20, and I love it with a passion - but the time has come to move out of the city and find a bit more space. We were looking for a decent bit of garden and the ability to put my office outside of the house, and almost by mistake we found the house we were looking for. Flicking through the papers, not really seriously thinking about houses, and I remember seeing a property that seemed to tick all the boxes. I looked at it first and straight away thought it was perfect, and then I went back with my wife and she felt exactly the same. Nice and easy finding the house, but the process of buying and selling is a complete and utter nightmare. The people we are buying the house off are just about the nicest couple you could ever hope to meet though, and they have gone out of their way in helping us out with all this. I am forever in their debt, and over the last few months we have become friends. How often can you say that about buying somebody's house ? The guy buying our house also happens to be a thoroughly nice bloke as well, and the fact that all of us have kept on communicating amongst ourselves has really helped it along.

We are actually moving just over the River Tamar into south east Cornwall, just outside of Torpoint - very close to the coastline you can see above in fact. I can not tell you how excited my girls are to be moving to a house where they will be able to run around the garden and just play all day long. There is loads and loads of walking all around us, and we are going to very close to the Tamar and various creeks, plus this awesome coastline. We do the beach a lot, and this house will help us lead even more of an outdoors kind of life than we do already. I will even be able to take a walk from my front door and go chasing a few mullet when my work is driving me mad !!

So while we are now going through the physical process of moving house, I am also right in the middle of working on Issue 2 of this new Adventure Fishing magazine - thanks to all of you who have provided such strong feedback. I have no idea how the mag is selling yet, but from the feedback it seems to have struck a really good chord. I have to get the bulk of my work out of the way for issue 2 because I am off to Tanzania in early September to photograph some big tigerfish on the fly, and then I get back for three days and head straight off back to Ireland - which I hear is fishing its proverbial socks off for bass at the moment. A busy life is an exciting life is it not ? Best get on with it.......

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