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My double figure bass feature is in this month’s Sea Angler, and no blog posts next week, away with my family

I wanted to alert you to the fact that my account of the 79cms long bass that I caught in early September is in this month’s new edition of Sea Angler magazine, and as ever I take my hat off to the powers that be for running with my story, and also for publishing it so quickly. When I submitted the words and photos I did get an email back asking me if there were any photos of me with my biggest shore caught bass ever - to which I replied no. I explained the reasons why, the editor understood completely, I explain my reasoning in the article, so I hope you enjoy reading about it in the new issue…………

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And it may be many years and many front covers down the line now, but the thrill at seeing a photograph I shot on the cover of a magazine never diminishes. It most likely means little to an angler who picks the magazine up out of a rack in a shop, but damn right it tickles me pink that the first thing they see is a great big photograph that I shot and that the Sea Angler grownups picked it out as a cover shot - please remember that I am completely self-taught at this photography thing so as ever I can’t help but feel a bit like a fraud!

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Have a good weekend and next week - it’s half-term week and for the first time in a few years I am heading away with my family and I can’t wait. I will be keeping in touch with work stuff but I am going to leave the blog alone for the week save for okaying comments and replying to some when I can. I love doing this blog and I love the fact that so many of you read it and interact with me - thank you as ever and may some big autumn bass smash your lures and indeed baits sometime soon. Catch you after half-term………….

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