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My front cover on the new issue of Sea Angler

It was cool to get back from France and see the new issue of Sea Angler with a shot of mine on the front cover - I really like the way they have used the photo of my mate Graham Hill with another prime Irish bass. OK, so I would say that I liked my own photograph !! But a lot is down to how the Sea Angler designers "see" a particular photo for a front cover, and I am glad that this one happened to hit them between the eyes. There is a big feature of mine in there on using hard lures for fishing really shallow ground - you know what I am going to say. Check it out. You can see a bunch more of my front covers here.

I can not say thank you enough to all of you who have looked around this new website and blog of mine, and also to those of you who have emailed and posted comments to give me your views. I am just so pleased that everybody seems bowled over by the new look and feel of the website. It's been a lot of work, and the guys who have designed and coded the site are awesome people to work with. They went out of their way to make this one stand out (my thanks of course), indeed, I can not recommend the web guys enough - make sure to check the bottom of the pages for their details if you are ever on the lookout.........

Photo courtesy Jamie Bale

Check out the size of this bass !!!!! Jamie Bale emailed me this photo of a monster 14lb 10oz bass that he caught on bait off his local Norfolk coastline, and the best thing of all is that he successfully returned it alive. Jamie, you have my utmost respect for catching and releasing a fish like this. Jamie runs a fishing blog, and you can check it out here. Isn't it fantastic to know that there are still bass of this size around our coasts, and that there are anglers out there who are willing to do the right thing and return a graceful old fish like this ? The fish of a lifetime.

Go and have a look at Graham Hill's bass blog right here - we had a fantastic few days out on Belle Ile in France, and one of the highlights was a visit to the Ultimate Fishing warehouse. Lure heaven would be an understatement !! Check out the details on Graham's blog - the final proof that I am as much as tackle tart as the next man !!!

Work is a bit hectic here at the moment, and I am wading through the photos I shot in France and beginning to process them - in time I will put a bunch up here, including a few sequences on rigging with various soft plastics for bass fishing (the French way). I have put a little photo of a correctly rigged MegaBass Xlayer on this page here for starters. More to come in due course......