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My go-to bass lures and go-to rods, reels and lines - I’m trying to summarise some of the extensive amounts of information on the Fishing Tackle pages

I guess a lot of us are in the same boat here as regards our lure fishing especially - we’re continuously looking for all manner of information for any number of reasons, and whilst for the most part this website and blog of mine are the thoughts and opinions of one obsessed angler, I guess that in some ways this is a resource. And this resource is not more right or wrong or better or worse than other fishing resources out there, but of course I am really pleased and also rather honoured that a lot of people spend time on here……………

I don’t know how many of you remember my previous website, but when I chose to migrate over to the Squarespace platform that you are reading this on, I was debating whether it was worthwhile migrating the Fishing Tackle pages over. It was going to take a fair amount of time to do so, and whilst they are merely fishing gear information pages that are hardly going to set the world alight with excitement, I am glad I did take that time and I continue to add to them - a high percentage of people spending time on my website spend time on the Fishing Tackle pages.

Which proves one thing to me again and again - as anglers we are looking for information and help. I am the same as you, but I happen to put information out there into the public domain and it seems to help a number of anglers out. I don’t try to cater to experts because experts know it all anyway, and if there is one thing I do with lure fishing it is remember how bloody confusing it can all be at times - and especially when you’re getting into it and us anglers throw technical terms around like confetti and expect that everybody else knows what we are talking about.  

Anyway, I am in danger of digressing - what I meant to say was that by virtue of me being absolutely fascinated with lure fishing tackle especially, of course those various pages within the Fishing Tackle section of this website continue to grow. Some of the lure pages are getting really quite lengthy, and whilst I do try and think of ways to better break down the various categories to make the information more easily digestible, I don’t want to simply remove information because some of the pages are getting quite long and/or some items of fishing tackle are of course discontinued. As I said, the information contained on these pages is merely my opinions, but it’s acting as a resource and I’d like to keep it going for those anglers who are interested.

So I got to thinking how I might go about summarising some of the Fishing Tackle information in a way that was shorter and to the point and perhaps better appeals to a modern generation that prefers bite size chunks that don’t take much time to digest. I woke up early one morning as I tend to do and started to put together a couple of new pages called “My go-to bass fishing lures” and “My go-to bass fishing rods, reels and lines”. I hope they might prove useful to some of you here.

I will do my best to keep these go-to pages updated. As much as I like messing around with different bass fishing lures though, over time we naturally default to a few different lures that we know and trust to help catch us fish in various situations - hence this “My go-to bass fishing lures” page. Of course I often take different lures out fishing with me than what are listed there, but that page is what I reckon I take out and fish with the most, and if over time some particular lures start taking over for me more than what is listed there then I will change the page to reflect this.

The rods, reels and lines page is perhaps a little different because I am so often messing around with new lure rods especially. What I have done is think about the lure rods I enjoy fishing with the most and which rods cover my bass fishing needs. Say I’ve got a week of my own fishing and photography over in Ireland and I tend to default to a rod or two that I really, really like and trust and know that it’s going to help me deal with different locations and lures and techniques as we move around. The same with spinning reels that over time I know that I like fishing with the most, and then with lines I know the ones I like and trust the most etc.

As above, as and when these choices of mine might change, I will reflect that by changing the information on the page. As an example, I have been fishing on and off with a particular lure rod now for about a year and a half and it’s just stunningly good and adept at so much of the bass fishing I might do - but it’s not on the market yet and I have been asked not to talk about it on here until it is. When that rod goes on sale I will tell you all about it and then amend the go-to page and so on and so on. Crumbs, sorry, this morning’s blog post ended up being a lot longer than I intended! Hope the new Fishing Tackle pages prove useful………...