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My new fishing book is out now

I am extremely proud to be able to announce that my new fishing book is now on sale - it's called "Ultimate Fishing Adventures" (100 Extraordinary Fishing Experiences from Around the World) by none other than Henry Gilbey. Me !! Working on these kinds of projects is a part of what I do with my life in fishing and it's always a very cool day indeed when the advance copy pops through the letterbox and you know then that the book really is real and that sometime soon it's actually going to be for sale (check here). In theory this means that some people might actually buy a book that contains my words and a bunch of my photos and hopefully enjoy leafing through it. Well one can always hope !!

This book came about out of the blue for me. I got one of those emails that you get occasionally that asks whether one might be interested in getting involved with a project such as this. This is the third complete book if you like that I have done and with each one I can't tell you how much I have learnt about the process. The publishers of this new book of mine (Wiley Nautical) have been so good to work with and this new "Ultimate Fishing Adventures" book is designed to fit into their "Ultimate so and so Adventures" series - such as sailing, surfing etc. And little old me got to do the fishing one. How on earth does that happen ?

It was up to me to come up with the destination ideas for the book, and as much as I have done a lot of travelling with my work, of course I have not been to 100 different destinations and I worked hard on trying to give a decent kind of outlook to the world of fishing. Yes, there are of course countless other destinations that could have been included in the book, and yes, I do look at the chapter list from time to time and wonder if so and so location should be there or not - but too much of that and it would drive me mad. I am really pleased with what the book covers and yet it again I hope it proves how awesome the world is when you look at it with fishing eyes. Working on a book is a lot of initial work to research the content, write the text and then sort out the photos that I can provide plus try to source the ones that I can't, and then it's a big back and forth process with edits, layouts, comments, "discussions" etc. I would imagine a film director is always going to look at a finished film and think about what they might have done differently, and it's the same with a book - but holy cow I am proud of this one. I haven't watched one single second of any of my TV shows since before they came out on the box, but I do pick up this book and have a look and it does make me pretty thrilled to have my name on the cover. You and I know though that a project like this is a collaboration and I would like to thank the kind people who have helped me out so much in so many different and utterly invaluable ways.

The second book I did nearly broke me physically and mentally, indeed my early morning sleep patterns have never been the same since, but this new "Ultimate Fishing Adventures" was a very different kind of "go away and get on with it Henry and make sure to deliver the words on time" project. I am really happy with how the book has been printed and the colours in the photos seem pretty much spot on compared to what I am outputting and seeing on my (calibrated) monitors here. This is really important to me as these days with digital photography I pride myself not only on shooting the stuff but also processing it so that my clients can take the photos and run with them so to speak.

Anyway, I hope you like the sample pages (spreads) that you see here and of course I am hoping that some people actually buy a copy of the book. If you do buy the book from Amazon (and you have my sincere thanks for doing so) then my publishers and I would hugely appreciate you taking the time to leave a review on there. "Ultimate Fishing Adventures" contains information and photos from all kinds of fishing from all around the world, and it is my hope that we have managed to make somewhere that is perhaps "normal" to us lot who may fish perhaps in Cornwall or Ireland look as impressive as somewhere that we perceive as being really "out there" like the remote Seychelles atolls. And in the reverse as well if that makes sense. I would hope that a reader for example in South Africa might look at a chapter on Plymouth or Ireland and be inspired. Anyway, this is my new book and I hope you enjoy it. Oh, and if you would like to be sent a copy of the book to review in a magazine or on a blog or website etc., then please email me from the Contact Me part of the website and we can get it sorted - for serious requests only of course. You can see a bunch more pages from the book here as well in a somewhat larger format than on this blog.

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