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My youngest brother won a BAFTA last night - how cool is that?!

I am definitely the black sheep of the family! A few years ago my middle brother was BAFTA nominated for his directing work on the film “Rollin’ with the Nines”, and then recently my youngest brother was nominated for a BAFTA for his work as editor on the incredible Bros documentary film “After the Screaming Stops” - and no, Bros were never my thing at all, but it truly is the most amazing film that grabs you from the first frame to the last. I think I am allowed a bit of indulgence here, so yes, I think my youngest brother has done an amazing job on the editing front, indeed I think it’s the way the film is so well cut that pulls you in so effectively - is editing’s greatest complement that you don’t even notice the editing because a film flows so perfectly? If Spinal Tap is indisputably the greatest music “mockumentary of all time”, then I genuinely can’t remember seeing a better music documentary than After the Screaming Stops.

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And my brother only went and won a BAFTA for “Editing:Factual” at the BAFTA TV Craft Awards 2019 last night! Yep, damn right, this is a proud eldest brother moment. His speech is in the video above, and the trailer for the Bros documentary he edited is below. I have been keeping a close eye on the press and reviews surrounding this film, and it’s been something else. Who would have thought that the band Bros could have been involved in such an engaging documentary film? Shock horror I am not about to go out and buy their back catalogue of epic songs, but I have watched the film a fair few times now and it makes me laugh and wince and almost cry every single time. A huge congratulations to my youngest brother for winning a BAFTA, wow it makes me proud - I think I had better get on with upping my game and doing something with my life!

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