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Never seen so many bass moving around......

OK, so they didn't all go and jump on the hook, but I have never seen so many bass moving around. I dread to think how many we rose to surface lures and had swirl behind these ultra-shallow diving lures, but they were playing fairly cagey...........

But we did smash a few of them. Andy had a few on the Xorus Frosty surface lure, including this stunner above. I think the adrenaline levels were close to insane when we headed out fishing early this morning, but we had to wait a while for the tide to clear a bit and give us access to the ground. The moment that water began to drop, things got really interesting. Ireland keeps on amazing me every single time I come here. Seriously, there were silly numbers of fish all over the place, and a couple of the guys saw a few double figure bass moving around very close to them. And I mean saw them clear as day.This is some unique bass fishing we are lucky to be doing.

I liked the look of the IMA Popkey the moment I saw it last year, but of course you need to go and catch on a lure to really gain proper confidence in it. Graham and I took a bunch of bass on them this morning, but we really had to slow things right down to get the bass to actually take. Getting fish swirling on the lures this morning was easy, but inducing them to take was another matter. Flat calm and crystal clear, you know what I mean. I will admit to striking the first swirl like a complete idiot (adrenaline !!), but I gave myself a talking to and calmed down a touch. The secret with these fish we nailed was to stop the lure dead in its tracks if you got a swirl behind it and then let it sit there. And on a few occasions the bass came right back and hit the static lure right off the top. Heart-stopping. About as exciting as bass fishing can get. It's so much about confidence. I have now nailed fish on a lure I really believed would work well, and I have also given myself a big jolt of confidence that stopping that lure dead can and does work in conditions like we had this morning.

At one point Graham looked over to me because I said something to him. He stopped winding and his Popkey sat there. Out of the corner of my eye I saw a nice fish just launch into it as it sat there static. Ireland gets me every single time. we all have places we love with a particular passion. The actual numbers of fish we took this morning was good, but nowhere close to exceptional. But what we saw and what we experienced will live with me forever. I need to go and change some gear over, grab a bite to eat, and then we are off out again. More to come in due course......

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