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New dates and brochure for Henry Gilbey/John Quinlan bass fishing

What started off as a good chat between John Quinlan and I has turned into something that I am really keen on getting more and more into. I blogged all about my first experiences of "guiding" with one of bass fishing's best professional guides (check here, here, and here), and although John Quinlan and their rather excellent Thatch Cottage Fishing lodge operation is heavily booked up right through the season, we have bashed heads and come up with another set of dates for an August trip (check here).


Look, I'll be honest - give me any excuse to head back to John's part of Kerry. He is a true gentleman, I love their setup, and working with John was just awesome. OK, so John is the professional, experienced guide in what we are working on together, but my first proper foray into "guiding" bass fishing was something that I loved doing and I would like to do more of it. Working with anglers like we did was a great experience and I am pretty sure the clients we had were essentially ok after spending that time around me!! I have put some photos up on my website from that first trip - see here.


The dates for this next trip are as follows : arrive Thatch Cottage Tuesday 5th August, then fish with John and I on Weds 6th, Thurs 7th, Fri 8th and Saturday 9th - return home on Sunday 10th August. John loves the summer fishing out there because so many of the different kinds of locations tend to be firing with the warmer water and weather - rock marks, estuaries, open beaches etc. are all on song (with regards to weather and conditions of course), plus there is all manner of rock fishing for pollack and wrasse, and even salmon and sea trout on John's private stretch river, conditions dependent again. Basically it's fishing in a very special part of Ireland, and if you follow my blog you might have got an inkling of an idea that I rather like being around fishing in Ireland!!


John and I are also looking at further dates for this year, plus we are going to work on getting ahead of ourselves for 2015 with some cracking tides and dates, so in the meantime, if you are remotely interested in coming fishing in Kerry with John and I, then please check here for our new brochure - and even if you don't want to come along, check out the brochure anyway because it's got lots of pretty pictures in it!!

You all have a good weekend, and I hope you have a bit of this perfectly stunning weather we have currently got here in Cornwall. Wow, this is more like it, although you never get everything - the water around here is currently all messed up with that horrible May bloom. Get the barbie going, put some suncream on, weld those Costas to your face and spend as much time outside as possible. Hell, this might even be the right weather to get the new IMA thong on. Work? Highly overrated when it's like this!!