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New issue of Adventure Fishing mag out next week

OK, so now I am getting a little worried - where in the hell does time go these days ? Is it me getting older, or is the world turning a little faster on its axis ? (unlikely I grant you, but something's got to be going on). It seems to me that it was just the other day that the second issue of this new Adventure Fishing magazine was published, yet here I am announcing that Issue 3 will hit the shelves towards the end of next week. And because I am really grown up these days and am working as the Contributing Editor on it, I have managed to get hold of some preview "pages" of the new issue............

Check out the front cover above - the actual picking of a photo to go on the front cover of a magazine and therefore sit on the shelf and in theory say "buy me" to people is vital. OK, so it's a photo of mine from my Tanzania tigerfish trip the other day, but when I first saw a PDF of this cover I will admit to being completely blown away. It's pretty easy to actually take a photo like this if you know your way around an SLR camera and are around some awesome fishing like this, so I have to give a huge amount of credit to Geoff the designer for "seeing" the shot amongst the many that I submitted, and then working with it to produce a cover like this. I do distinctly remember crouching down on a sandbank in the middle of the river (while somebody watched out for crocs and hippos) and framing this particular grip and grin up as a potential cover, but you then rely on the eyes and vision of somebody like Geoff to "see" it as the real cover. Always gives me one hell of a kick.

There is a hell of a lot that goes into producing these magazines, and it is my honest belief that Adventure Fishing is getting stronger and stronger with each issue. Check out the contents "page" above - I have the absolute pleasure of going through each and every page as a PDF on my computer monitors, and to be able to take that little bit of time to really read and re-read the different articles is just awesome. There is some proper talent working for this magazine, and I am loving being involved so much.

There can't be many anglers in Europe who know more about vertical jigging and serious heavy duty lure fishing than the Italian Nicola Zingarelli, and here's a couple of pages from his first feature for Adventure Fishing. Check out those bad-boy fish for starters !! Nicola is the real deal. I know he also loves his bass fishing over in Ireland, so perhaps the two of us might engineer it so that we get a few days' fishing together over there sometime next year.

This is the opening two pages from my first ever black and white photo essay. A little bit thrilled is how I am feeling !! I know nothing about the black and white darkroom, and I have no background in it as an artistic medium, but sometimes the odd photo just jumps out at me and "asks" to be taken into black and white. I love writing about almost getting in behind the photos if that makes sense, and I only wish there was a market out there to be able to do it more.........

Anyway, keep your eyes open for this new issue of Adventure Fishing on the shelves sometime next week - the 24th November I believe is the official publication date. Feedback is always hugely welcome. And we have got some very cool plans and ideas for the next issue as well.......

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