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New issue of the online CATCH magazine out now

There is a brand new issue of the outstanding fly fishing photography magazine CATCH online now, so make sure to check it out right here - I can't imagine that there is anybody into any kind of fishing who is not going to find something hugely inspirational within these virtual pages. The two guys who put this publication together deserve huge credit for getting so many awesome fishing photographers together every two months, and as always, I am hugely proud to have a little shot of mine in here (see below). I think they feel that there should be a token British presence in there !! It's completely free to look at the magazine, so take a look and check out how good some of the photography is in there - it blows me away every time I take a look.

Make sure to check out the new issue of Sea Angler magazine which should be in the shops about now - there is a big opening feature of mine in there on some outstanding deep spinning for pollack that I did with my mate Del over on the Isles of Scilly recently, and I am really pleased with the photos the Sea Angler guys have chosen to use. Have a look on pages 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8 for my words and photos. Del is a truly talented angler and is one of the nicest guys you could ever hope to meet.

It's not very long now until the annual CLA Game Fair, which is being held this year on the 24th, 25th and 26th July up at Belvoir Castle - see here for details. For some strange reason the organisers keep asking Nick Hart and I back each year to do a bunch of demonstrations, and this year is no different - I hope to see some of you up there. I will be doing one demo a day I believe, plus I will be around the fishing area most of the time, so please come and say hi if you see me wandering around. Even better, come and watch the demonstrations !! I will be watching to see if anybody falls asleep.........

By the way, that big bass that the Irish guys caught over the weekend was taken on a Tackle House Feed Shallow lure - this hi tech bit of plastic is fast turning out to be one of the all time great bass lures. Crank it fast, don't work the rod tip, and hang on !! Bass love them, and they run really shallow. The action on them in insane and I would feel naked going bassing without a couple in my lure box these days. There is a photo of the lure right here, and then you can get hold of them here.

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