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New issue of the outstanding Catch mag online now

A new issue of the awesome online magazine "Catch" has been published today, and I implore you to take some proper time to have a decent look through the pages - loads of great photography and also some very cool video clips. It doesn't matter what kind of fishing you do - Catch magazine is a prime example of how good fishing can look when it is done well, and full credit to the guys who put this online magazine together every couple of months. Have a look at Catch right here.

For some strange reason the guys keep on asking me to submit a few photos, and I am really please and honoured to have a couple of mine in there this time around. Check out the photo above that has been bled back to allow some text to be put there. Is my inclusion because they feel better for having at least one token Brit within the virtual pages ??!!

The other photo of mine that is in there is of a tigerfish that was caught on the fly down in Zambia, with the outstanding guys from FlyCastaway (contact them here). Few fish look as cool as a tigerfish when it is bathed in this kind of perfect light, but then again, light is what it's all about anyway. I have rarely seen light as perfect as that you see at dawn or dusk in some parts of Africa - it all happens fast, but sometimes you just sit there with your mouth open at such colours and tones.

I am going to go and check out Nick Hart's Open Day tomorrow, and it is taking place at Exe Valley Fishery. Check here for details. This should be a blast, a chance to talk about fishing with all kinds of people, and also to see what is new and exciting in the world of fly fishing. There is so much from fly fishing that we can and do bring over into the saltwater world, like waders, wading jackets, wading boots etc..