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New lure, new technique, a bass on your first chuck, can you gain any more confidence?!

My mate Del has been staying with us for a few days - he’s from the outrageously beautiful, wrasse and pollack heaven that is the Isles of Scilly, but for some reason they don’t get bass in their waters. Why? I don’t know. I have heard a number of different explanations put forward, but as far as I am aware, none of them have been proven as fact. Anyway, Del loves his fishing and we were going to get out after bass as much as possible around my work and whatever conditions December might throw at us……..

Del and I have spoken a fair bit about this whole white senko at night thing, but because the last time we went properly bass fishing together this technique was largely unknown to me, Del had never actually tried it. He was due to fly back home on Monday afternoon, so I wracked my brain and came up with the most incredibly cunning plan to get a few more hours fishing together that would also give us a bit of a go at the white senko thing before it got light and we could properly fish the mark I chose to go to - as in, you need to have at least a bit of light to negotiate your way around the myriad of channels and reefs and required wading.

Anyway, we are fishing by 6.45am on Monday morning, and with the rain plus murk it’s still properly dark. Del moves to a finger of rock to the left and I take one to the right. There’s a fair bit of sea running but a reef system is killing it enough that we can fish inside it if that makes sense (a part of my incredibly cunning plan!) I had suggested that it was well worth a go on the white senkos before it got light. We are carrying walkie-talkies because if somebody catches a decent bass and we are out of shouting range then they can put it in a rockpool, call me on the radio, and I can come over to take a few photographs. OK, so there aren’t always rockpools and it doesn’t always work, but it’s better than nothing, and you can also keep in touch about the actual fishing.

It’s that dark and gloomy that I can hardly make Del out on his finger of rock, but I haven’t even clipped a white senko on and there’s an excited yelp coming over the radio. Del’s first ever cast with a white senko at night and he’s caught a bass of around 3.5lbs - how frigging outstanding is that? As much as he has heard about this simple lure technique from me, Del had to have been feeling at least a little doubtful that the boring looking white plastic stick he had clipped on was really going to stand a chance at being found by a bass in that turbulent water, in the dark, and fished like in the video below when the lure is retrieved at a speed which is causing it to wake on the surface. A dubious sounding method I grant you, and especially if you are sold on lures having to do all manner of stuff in the water, but I think after Del’s first ever cast with a white senko in the dark that he’s sold on it!

New lure, new technique, what a result, and as excited as Del was, I think I was even more so. Talk about making my day. I didn’t get any photos on Monday morning because it was peeing down with rain most of the time and the light was at best totally pants - but pretty damn good for fishing. The photos here are from another day last week. We caught a bunch more bass when it got a bit lighter and we could see the gullies we needed to access as the tide stripped out, but what will live with me the most is the yelp that came over the radio at just after 6.45am. Outfriggingstanding! Gotta love December bass fishing in Cornwall if the conditions behave………...