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New range of lure rods - photo shoot


I went out yesterday afternoon/evening to photograph some of the new lure rods from Anyfish Anywhere for a big Sea Angler review that should be out in the next few months - these rods will be in the shops fairly soon I am told, and all credit to Julian Shambrook for sticking his neck out and getting these rods done. I have seen them all, cast them all, and in time I am hoping to get the chance to actually go out and fish properly with a few of them. My initial impressions are that they are going to be seriously good bits of kit for our bass fishing........

It's different when you go out photographing fishing to going out to photograph gear in action - I take whatever light I get when taking photos of people fishing. Make what you can of the conditions, and then shoot like hell when it goes off. The hard part is making dire light look as good as possible, for cameras do not see the subtle ranges that our eyes can. We exercised a degree of patience yesterday and were rewarded with some awesome light - the trick is being ready to jump in there and nail the stuff when the light goes off. Plus get various "detail" shots etc. I am not patient by nature, but we stayed until dark and got some very cool stuff. Check out that sky above. This is why I love my job. OK, so it ain't 9-5, and it never will be, but how can anybody into photography not get excited when the light goes off , whatever the time of day ? The Sea Angler crew are reviewing the rods, and I hope my photos help to show this gear off. The rods deserve it......


I am not going to reveal the exact specifications of all the new Anyfish Anywhere lure rods - that is for Sea Angler to do. But they do look seriously smart, and I do also have an idea of the amount of work that has gone into this project. I always respect people who go for it in life, and I wish the lads at Anyfish the best of luck with this new range. There are a couple in particular that are really going to suit some stuff that I have plans on doing. If that makes sense !! Cryptic Friday.


Photographing bits and pieces of gear has never been a particular strength of mine, but I like doing it, and I am always working to get better at it. In a perfect world we would have lighting rigs and a multitude of assistants running around trying to look busy, but this is fishing, and in fishing we do things ourselves. On our own. A one man crew if you like. Just the way I work best. With Julian helping me by holding a Lastolite 2-stop diffuser in place to try and balance out the exposure on such a reflective surface as you find on a varnished rod. It's amazing what you can get done by working hard and thinking on your feet.


The powerstroke of the cast. I often like it when the rod is stopped dead in the photo, but here I was going for a deliberate bit of blur to try and impart more of a sense of fluidity/action. Crumbs, what is going on this morning ? Getting all artistic and it's not even the weekend yet. Not bad eh ?

I have put a gallery up on my website of some of the photos I shot last week over in southern Ireland - check here for a look at them. I keep asking myself if it is actually possible to keep on falling in love with fishing more and more, but in reality it's a daft question. Of course it is. I am no good at doing the same thing over and over again, but since fishing is never the same from day to day then I can't see this ever being a problem. Fishing and photography are so intrinsically linked for me now that I view them almost as one and the same. Even if I went bust and all my clients suddenly found out that I have never had a day's training in my life and told me to get lost, I would still be out there with my cameras and my rods. How could I not ? When the fishing or the light goes off, my heart starts really pumping. It keeps me feeling alive.