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New Sea Angler - just about makes my week

The new issue of Sea Angler is not out for a few days, but because I have got the front cover above I've been given a sneak preview to put up on my blog. Not only is Ger Carey on the front cover, but there is also a big interview within the Bass Angler section of the magazine that I did with him. As I have said before, it's the people I get to meet and work with in my job that gives me the biggest thrill. It's always about the people in fishing. Sure, by virtue of what I do I travel to some pretty far out places from time to time, but without a doubt it's the people who leave the longest lasting impressions.

As with all sports you have some people who are ok, some who are good, and then a small percentage who just seem to have a dose more natural ability than most others. I see the same thing in fishing, and from the time I have spent with Ger I would put him right up there with regards to anglers I have met over the years. The first time we fished and spent time with the guy and I was already coming up with a plan to do an interview-type of feature and then see where it went from there. If the top anglers are willing to help out and divulge a part of what they do that makes them so good then somebody like me is all ears. I have such an urge to learn so much these days that I can only wish that fishing have been on the agenda when I was at school or university. Maybe if I had applied myself better at school and uni I might be a successful nuclear physicist by now..............or perhaps not !!

Check out the new Sea Angler when it hits the shops in a few days, and make sure to really read this interview for a bunch of tips and thoughts on how a top angler goes about their bass fishing. We all want to catch more fish, and perhaps some of the ways that this guy goes about things could be helpful. Thanks Ger for giving me the time and the information to do this interview.

On Friday it's time to head up the motorway and jump on a flight from Heathrow to Boston and then drive to the striped bass fishing mecca that is Martha's Vineyard. How badly do I want to see a striper ? Have a guess !! I am not putting any unrealistic expectations on this short trip, indeed my main aim is to nail photographs and start to learn about striped bass fishing in the US. I have travelled enough to know that anything can happen in fishing, but I do know that if a big striper comes along sometime during the trip then I might just pass out with the excitement. I love going to the US. Such a cool country with so much fishing, and what has always struck me about the Americans is just how into the outdoors life so many of them are. I am a person who tends to ask a lot of questions when something interests me, so I pity our poor guides over on Martha's Vineyard who are going to have to put up with my barrage !! Bring it on. I will do all I can to keep this blog updated with how we get on over there............

I have just put a new gallery of photos up from my latest bass fishing/photography trip to Ireland - check it out here. We had all kinds of weather thrown at us, but what a trip. Lots of good fish, plenty more stuff learnt and absorbed, and of course my love affair with this wonderful country continues unabated. If there is better bass fishing out there than in Ireland then I am yet to come across it.