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No blog posts for a bit - off to the middle of nowhere

Later on today I am flying out to the Seychelles on a photo job - but when I say the Seychelles, in reality where I will end up is hundreds of miles away on the remote atoll of Farquhar. I fly down with Emirates to Dubai today and then connect on to Mahe in the Seychelles (and yes, as per my Friday rant a few weeks back, in good old economy class as per usual !! But then the Emirates cattle class is easily the best cattle class I have personally experienced). A day there and then we fly from Mahe to Farquhar on a charter plane - these remote atolls are just that. Remote. I have done a few of these mothership trips around there before (live on a boat), but due to piracy issues the Seychellois government has stopped any live-aboard stuff for the moment. Farquhar though has both a landing strip for a plane and also some kind of basic "guesthouse" where we can stay. There are a few people who live or stay on the island. I have flown in and out of Farquhar before, but this is the first time I will have actually stayed on this particular atoll.

On trips like these I take no fishing gear with me - this is a photo job, and I have to get as much material as I can to then produce magazine articles etc. I hope that at some point on the trip I will get to grab a fly rod and chuck at a nice big school of hungry bonefish, but essentially what I will be doing is following the anglers and the guides around with my cameras. The fact that somebody like gets to go to a place like this for their work still kind of makes me look over my shoulder to see if anybody has rumbled me !! Just to get to see these places is a privilege, but if you have a family yourself then you will know hard it is to leave them and head off. Work is work though, and this is a part of how I pay the bills.

We will have no access to phones or the internet when we are on Farquhar, so this blog will go quiet until I get back - hopefully with lots and lots of photos of saltwater fly fishing for species like GTs, bones, triggerfish, milkfish, parrotfish etc. I am back late next week if all goes to plan (3rd November), so in the meantime I hope the weather plays ball and you manage to get out and smash a few fish. I have been hearing a lot of reports of some quite outstanding bass fishing around southern Ireland recently, and I am thinking about sorting out one more little trip over there before the year is out !! As you well know, I can't get enough of Ireland..........