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No fishing today, not with the monster that is England v Wales tomorrow afternoon

I am not sure what the definition of insomnia actually is, but this can’t be right. I stopped reading my book just before 10.30pm last night, I tend to get to sleep easily enough, but at 2.45am this morning I woke up with my brain in whirring overdrive about how utterly delightful DoLive Sticks and Salt Skimmers are on this new lure rod I went and bought because I am beyond hope (more to come), and of course the monster rugby match tomorrow afternoon that is England v Wales. Can this possibly be right?

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I don’t know Wales at all well as a country, but I drive through it plenty on my way to the ferry at Fishguard - and I sure am hoping that on my multiple journeys through this rather good looking country that I get to sit there in my epic Berlingo, secure in the knowledge and ever so slightly smug that we smashed the Welsh in the Six Nations.

Anybody into English rugby must surely be excited about what is going on with our national team, but what was really bouncing around my brain at 2.45am this morning was this growing feeling that as good as we can sometimes be and how we are learning to win both ugly and pretty, I don’t think we have properly clicked yet - and if and when we do click, my hope is that it’s woe betide the team we are up against when it all comes together in a glorious eighty minutes of balletic brutality.

Did Scotland play so badly that they flattered the Welsh efforts last weekend, or have all those Welsh injuries in some strange way helped them rediscover how they love to play? Are England good enough to not worry about this for one second and instead stamp their authority on the game for a full eighty minutes? I am feeling very good about an English win, but is everything about to click and we go on an awesome rampage that leaves the rest of the world quaking in their rugby boots? Or is my lack of sleep playing with my head and giving me false hope?

Roll on tomorrow afternoon. You all have a good weekend and let’s reconvene on Monday after a mighty England win. Bring on New Zealand in the autumn? Why the hell not………...